What Kind of Surgeon?

Many times your primary care doctor will tell you to see a surgeon. Your doctor will likely tell you what type of surgeon you need to see or you may have to find a surgeon on your own. Or, you may live in a small town that does not have the kind of surgeon that you need to see, or you want to go to another city—so you’ll want to know alternative kinds of surgeons that can also do the surgery. There are many reasons you might need to find an alternative to the kind of surgeon you have been referred to.

To find the best surgeon—ask a nurse! Below is a list of surgeries and the kinds of surgeons that perform them. We hope this list will help you find the right surgeon.

Once you know what type surgeon you need, you can search the web or a local phone book to find one. Also, call your local hospital or the hospital in the city where you want to have the surgery performed and ask for a referral for a surgeon.

A fully trained surgeon is a doctor who has finished medical school and then gone through years of training to learn the special skills of a surgeon. One way to know if a surgeon is competent is to make sure they are certified by a national surgical board approved by the American Board of Medical Specialities. All board-certified surgeons must satisfactorily complete an approved training program and pass a very thorough examination in their specialty. The letters F.A.C.S. (Fellow of the American College of Surgeons) after a surgeon’s name are a further sign of a physician’s qualifications.

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Abscess Drainage – General Surgeon
Adhesions, Separate – General Surgeon
Adrenal Gland Removal – General Surgeon
Amniocentesis – OB/GYN
Amputation – General Surgeon, Orthopedic, Vascular
Anal Fissure – General Surgeon, Colorectal
Anal Fistula Repair – General Surgeon, Colorectal
Aneurysm Repair – Neurosurgeon, Vascular
Angioplasty, Coronary – Cardiologist
Aorto-iliac Bypass Graft – General Surgeon, Vascular
Appendectomy – General Surgeon
Arthroplasty, Shoulder – Orthopedic
Arthroscopy, Knee– Orthopedic

Baker’s Cyst Removal – General Surgeon,Orthopedic
Bariatric Surgery (Gastric Bypass) – General Surgeon
Bartholin’s Gland, Abscess Drainage – General Surgeon, OB/GYN
Bladder Removal (Cystectomy) – Urologist
Bone Graft – Orthopedic
Breast Abscess Drainage – General Surgeon, OB/GYN
Breast Augmentation – Plastic/Reconstructive
Breast Biopsy (Excision) – General Surgeon
Breast Biopsy (Needle Aspiration) – General Surgeon
Breast Reconstruction – General Surgeon,Plastic/Reconstructive
Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammoplasty) – Plastic/Reconstructive
Bronchoscopy – General Surgeon, Thoracic, Colo-Rectal
Bunion Removal – General Surgeon, Orthopedic, Podiatrist
Cardiac Catheterization/Angiogram – Cardiologist
Carotid Artery Endarterectomy – Cardiovascular, General Surgeon, Neurosurgeon, Vascular
Carpal Tunnel Release – General Surgeon, Orthopedic, Plastic/Reconstructive, Neurosurgeon
Cataract Extraction – Ophthalmologist
Cervical Biopsy – General Surgeon, OB/GYN
Cervix, Cryosurgery – General Surgeon, OB/GYN
Cervix, Electrocauterization – General Surgeon, OB/GYN
Cesarean (C- Section) – OB/GYN
Chalazion Removal – Ophthalmologist, Gastrostomy,
Circumcision – General Surgeon, Urologist
Gastrostomy Percutaneous Endoscopic – General Surgeon, Gastroentrologist
Cleft Lip Repair – Plastic/Reconstructive
Cochlear Implant – Otolaryngologist
Colonoscopy – General Surgeon, Colo-Rectal
Colostomy – General Surgeon, Colo-Rectal
Cornea Transplant (keratoplasty) – Ophthalmologist
Coronary Artery Bypass Graft – Cardiovascular
Craniotomy – Neurosurgeon
Culdocentesis – General Surgeon, OB/GYN
Cystoscopy – Urologist
D&C (Dilatation and Curettage) – General Surgeon, OB/GYN
Defibrillator Implant – Cardiovascular, Cardiologist
Disk Removal, Ruptured (laminectomy) – Orthopedic
Ductus Arteriosus Closure – Cardiovascular
Ectropion Repair – Ophthalmologist
Endometrial Biopsy – General Surgeon, OB/GYN
Endovascular Surgery – Cardiovascular, General Surgeon, Neurosurgeon,
Entropion Repair – Ophthalmologist,
Laparoscopy – General, OB/GYN, Gastroenterologist
Episiotomy – OB/GYN
Esophagectomy – General Surgeon, Thoracic
Face Lift & Blepharoplasty – Plastic/Reconstructive
Fibroid Tumor Removal – General Surgeon, OB/GYN
Fracture Repair (reduction) – General Surgeon, Orthopedic
Gallbladder Removal (cholecystectomy) – General Surgeon
Gastroenterostomy – General Surgeon
Gastrostomy – General Surgeon
Gastrostomy Percutaneous Endoscopic – General Surgeon
Hair Transplant – Plastic/Reconstructive
Hammertoe Correction – Orthopedic
Heart Transplant – Cardiovascular
Heart Valve Replacement – Cardiovascular
Heart-Lung Transplant – Cardiovascular, Thoracic
Heel Spur Removal – General Surgeon, Orthopedic Surgeon, Podiatrist
Hemorrhoid Banding – General Surgeon, Colo-Rectal
Rectal or Colon Polyp Removal – Colo-Rectal
Hemorroidectomy – General Surgeon, Colo-Rectal
Hernia Repair, Femoral – General Surgeon,Urologist
Hernia Repair, Hiatal – General Surgeon
Hernia Repair, Incisional – General Surgeon
Hernia Repair, Inguinal – General Surgeon, Urologist
Hernia Repair, Umbilical – General Surgeon
Hip Nailing for Hip Fracture – General Surgeon,Orthopedic
Hip Replacement, Total – Orthopedic
Hydrocelectomy – General Surgeon, Urologist
Hypospadias Repair – Urologist
Hysterectomy with Oophorectomy – General Surgeon, OB/GYN
Ileostomy – General Surgeon
Kidney Removal – General Surgeon, Urologist
Kidney Stone Removal – General Surgeon, Urologist
Kidney Transplant – General Surgeon, Urologist
Knee Arthroscopy – Orthopedic
Knee Replacement – Orthopedic
Laceration Repair – General Surgeon, Orthopedic, Plastic/Reconstructive
Laparoscopy – General Surgeon, OB/GYN
Laparotomy – General Surgeon, OB/GYN
Laryngoscopy – Otolaryngologist
Larynx Removal (Laryngectomy) – Otolaryngologist
Lipoma Removal – General Surgeon, Plastic/Reconstructive
Liposuction – Plastic/Reconstructive
Lithotripsy Urologist
Liver Resection – General Surgeon, Vascular
Liver Transplant – General Surgeon
Lumber Spinal Fusion – Orthopedic Surgeon
Lung Resection (lobectomy; pneumonectomy) – Thoracic
Lymphadenectomy – Vascular Surgeon
Mastectomy – General Surgeon
Mastectomy (Partial, lumpectomy) – General Surgeon
Melanoma Removal – General Surgeon, Plastic/Reconstructive
Meniscectomy – Orthopedic
Morton’s Neuroma Removal – Orthopedic, Podiatrist
Myringotomy – Otolaryngologist
Nail Removal – General Surgeon,Podiatrist
Nasal Polyps Removal – Otolaryngologist
Neck, Radical Disection – General Surgeon, Otolaryngologist
Nephrostomy, Percutaneous– General Surgeon, Urologist
Otoplasty – Plastic/Reconstructive, Otolaryngologist
Ovarian Cyst – General Surgeon, OB/GYN
Pacemaker Implant – Cardiovascular
Pancreas Transplant – General Surgeon
Parathyroidectomy – General Surgeon
Penectomy – Urologist
Penile Implant – Urologist
Peptic Ulcer Surgery – General Surgeon
Pericardiocentesis – Thoracic
Pilonidal Cyst Removal – General Surgeon, Colorectal
Popliteal Artery Embolectomy – General Surgeon, Vascular
Prostate Gland Removal – Urologist
Pterygium Excision – Ophthalmologist
Rectal or Colon Polyp Removal – General Surgeon
Rectovaginal Fistula Repair – General Surgeon, OB/GYN, Colorectal
Retinal Detachment Repair – Ophthalmologist
Rhinoplasty & Septoplasty – Plastic/Reconstructive, Otolaryngologist
Rotator Cuff Tear – Orthopedic
Salivary Gland Tumor Removal – General Surgeon, Otolaryngologist
Sebaceous Cyst Removal – General Surgeon
Sentinel Node Biopsy – General Surgeon
Sigmoid Colon Removal – General Surgeon
Shoulder Replacement– Orthopedic Surgeon
Skin Graft – General Surgeon, Plastic/Reconstructive
Skin Lesion Removal – General Surgeon,Plastic/Reconstructive
Small Bowel Resection – General Surgeon
Spinal Tap (lumbar puncture) – General Surgeon, Neurosurgeon
Spleen Removal – General Surgeon
Stapes Removal – Otolaryngologist
Stomach Cancer Surgery – General Surgeon
Strabismus Surgery – Ophthalmologist
Stress Incontinence Surgery – Urologist
Sympathectomy – General Surgeon, Neurosurgeon
Tear Duct Opening – Opthalmologist
Tendon Repair – General Surgeon, Orthopedic
Testicle Fixation – General Surgeon, Urologist
Testicle Removal – General Surgeon, Urologist
Thyroglossal Duct & Cyst Removal – General Surgeon, Otolaryngologist
Thyroid Gland Removal – General Surgeon
Tongue, Cheek or Gum Biopsy – General Surgeon, Otolaryngologist
Tonsil & Ademoid Removal – General Surgeon, Otolaryngologist
Tracheostomy – General Surgeon, Otolaryngologist
Tubal Ligation – General Surgeon, Colorectal
Tummy Tuck – Plastic/Reconstructive
Tympanoplasty – Otolaryngologist
Urethral Caruncle Removal – Colorectal, Urologist
Vagotomy – General Surgeon
Varicocele Removal – General Surgeon, Urologist
Varicose Vein Removal – Plastic/Reconstructive, Vascular
Varicose Vein Sclerotherapy – General Surgeon,Plastic/Reconstructive
Vasectomy – General Surgeon, Urologist
Vasectomy Reversal – Urologist
Vasicovaginal Fistula Repair – Urologist General Surgeon, Proctologist, Urologist
Vitrectomy – Ophthalmologist


  1. Hi,. I have an umbilical hernia and possibly need a hysterectomy. I have an appt with an obgyn and want to know if she can fix the hernia at the sane time during the laproscopy surgery ?
    Thank you

  2. Peter Lee says

    I had a Rhizotomy for neck pain. The procedure was of the Third Occipital Nerve. Post op there was no change with my neck pain. In addition I experienced for the first time extreme head pain. I have researched Third Occipital Nerve damage and find I seem to be experiencing the symptoms of a damaged TON. Am I correct that a damaged TON can only be tested by a physical examination. I also understand treatment of a badly damaged TON is very difficult. My present condition is very up and down. Some days my head pain can be excruciating with extreme dizziness. Other days minimal pain but still dizzy. I believe that during the Rhizotomy the TON was not blocked but badly damaged. I await your response. Thank you

  3. Gwen Drummond says

    My husband needs bypass surgery behind the clavicle can anyone tell me what kind of surgeon do we need.?

  4. Cindy Schmidler says

    Check first with your primary care provider to see what they would suggest. Likely a general surgeon.

  5. Alice Hein says

    Alice says
    What type of surgeon would remove a cyst from in the belly button.

  6. What specialist would operate and remove a Supraclavicular mass?

  7. I need a doctor who can do a total retinal detachment operation

  8. I found a lump on the roof of my mouth about an inch wide

  9. What type of doctor should I consult?
    I have had a Prolapsed procedure done 1 year ago, due to a problem with excessive gas developing in my digestive system. This causes the urgency for me to run to the toilet a few minutes after every meal. This axcessive gas is causing me a lot of discomfort, because if I don’t go and relief myself I would definitely soil my undies.
    What advise can you provide me to overcome the Gas problem, seen that the Prolapse procedure was not successful.

  10. I am unable to take emflammitory meds. Due to a lining of my stomach/ulcer. It makes my stomach bleed. I have chronic immflamation and pain as well what kind of Dr should I see.

  11. What speciality would provides the best care for Viral Meningitis and the spinal fluid leak that resulted from 2 LP’s?

  12. You forgot to include Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons(OMS), they do surgeries of the Face, mouth and some parts of the head and neck 🙂

  13. What type of surgeon repairs a TAA?

  14. There are so many different types of surgeons out there. It’s important that you get the right kind. It’s a good idea to do some research before choosing one and read reviews of surgeons in your area so that your surgeon is a good match for you.

  15. Angela Radjenovic says

    What sort of doctor deals with sarcoidosis?

  16. Media Partners says

    A general surgeon for repair of inguinal hernia.

  17. what kind of doctor to look for Inguinal Hernia repair surgery?

  18. After having pain above my left ear for (now) 21 days, an MRI showed I have 60% blockage in a cerebral artery. I was sent to a vascular surgeon who said he was not the correct doctor for this. He is referring me to a neurologist for the headaches, which Dr would be correct to see for the blockage?

  19. Media Partners says

    You likely need several types of doctors (neurologist, ophthalmologist) and surgeons (oral, orthopedic, plastic), as well as a dentist. Call your local hospital, tell them what happened, and ask them to give you some names of doctors. Sounds like a visit to the trauma center when it happened would have been a good idea. If there is a trauma center near you, call them and ask them where you should start. If this was a sports injury, try a sports injury center. If you have a nurse line with your insurance, see if they can help you find someone in your insurance plan.

  20. If you have a trauma to the face, causing broken bones in the cheek near the sinus cavity area and fracture to the orbital bone and you feel your bite down doesn’t quite match up anymore, and at the time of the accident and days later you were swallowing blood, and your eye movement is slightly affected, what kind of doctor would you need to see?

  21. Media Partners says


    A vascular surgeon is a specialist who evaluates and treats diseases of the blood vessels. Treatment can include traditional open surgery and endovascular approaches. Some of these surgeries may include:
    Removing the plaque from an artery
    Bypassing the area of obstruction with a graft
    Performing endovascular procedures
    Because of their training, vascular surgeons are uniquely qualified to diagnose all vascular diseases and interpret a wide variety of diagnostic tests.

  22. I’m looking for the type of doctor who does surgery for a Abberant right subclavian artery.

  23. Media Partners says

    Is there any chance it could be a hemorrhoid that has come outside? If so, see a gastroenterologist or rectal surgeon. If you think it’s a lump in the skin, I would see a dermatologist. If you think it is growing from your testicle, I’d see a urologist. Hope this helps.

  24. what kind of doctor do you see for a lump inbetween the anus and testicles?

  25. Media Partners says

    A general surgeon does a lot of different types of surgery. What type surgery do you want to know about?

  26. what kind of surgeon does multiple types of surgery

  27. Media Partners says

    Find a podiatrist that does foot surgery or an orthopedic surgeon.

  28. what kind of doctor operates for tasrsal tunnel

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