Anatomy, Surgery

Bones and Joints of the Arm

Anterior (front) view of the bones of the arm and handThe arm (upper appendage) is part of the appendicular skeleton. The appendicular skeleton … [Read More...]

Anatomy and Function of the Digestive System

The digestive system is essential to the human body. It helps break down the foods we eat into smaller components that can be absorbed by the cells in … [Read More...]

A to Z

Overview of Breastfeeding

How Your Breasts Make And Deliver Milk Within your breasts is a system of milk glands that makes and delivers milk to your baby through your nipples. … [Read More...]

Hysterectomy Risks, Complications and Alternatives

Risks and Complications Just like any other surgery, hysterectomy surgery also has its own complications and risks. Though this is a very safe … [Read More...]

Healthy Living

Healthy Living

Ahh, the stress-free life. We all want it. But it takes a little work and planning so our health doesn't add stress to our everyday living. Preventive … [Read More...]

101 Activities You Can Do When the TV is OFF!

Did you know that kids spend about 4-6 hours everyday sitting in front of a screen? Considering kids get home from school about 3 o'clock and go to … [Read More...]


Benefits of Breastfeeding Your Baby

All new mothers want to do what is best for their baby, especially feeding their baby food that will protect them from illness and help them thrive. … [Read More...]

Overweight, Obesity, and Weight Loss

Overweight, Obesity, and Weight LossHow many women in the United States are overweight or obese? How do I know if I’m overweight or … [Read More...]