Walking After Microfracture Knee Surgery

Can I walk after Micro-fracture Knee Surgery? Usually you are unable to bear weight on the affected leg for at least 6 weeks following surgery. You will likely require crutches to get around.  Usually after an initial period of non-weight bearing to the surgical leg, you will be allowed to slowly progress back to normal … Read more

Wound Dehiscence Under ICD-10

Any procedure that requires the creation of a cut or opening in the skin can result in a complication called wound dehiscence. This occurs when the surgical incision reopens after closure, posing a threat to the healing of the wound and the individual’s overall health. According to recent statistics, 45% of wound dehiscence cases lead … Read more

Adhesive Capsulitis Frozen Shoulder

Anatomy/Pathophysiology – Adhesive Capsulitis Frozen Shoulder Adhesive capsulitis, or “frozen shoulder”, is a painful condition which results in a severe loss of motion in the shoulder. It may follow an injury to the shoulder, but may also arise gradually with no warning or injury. The shoulder actually “freezes up” due to a severe inflammation of the … Read more

Cataract Surgery – Risks

Cataract Surgery – Risks Cataract surgery is actually a safe procedure with high success rates, but risks and complications may occur in some patients. The risks and complications developed after cataract surgery can be treated easily. The risks associated with cataract surgery are mostly suffered by people with other eye problems such as severe myopia, … Read more

LASIK Risks and Complications

LASIK surgery is used to correct refractive errors such as astigmatism, hyperopia, and myopia. LASIK surgery helps the patients to eliminate the use of spectacles or contact lenses. Each type of surgical procedure has its own risks, side-effects, and complications. Even though LASIK eye surgery is considered as the safest and successful surgical procedure, it … Read more

Evolution and Types of Eye Surgery

Evolution and Types of Eye Surgery Corrective surgical procedures for human eye have been practicing for more than 100 years. However, techniques for corrective eye procedures are improving from last few decades –especially after the discovery of laser procedures. Artificial lenses are used to correct the refractive errors of the eye. With the help of … Read more


The term ‘myringotomy’ is a surgery where a tiny incision is made on the eardrum to drain out any fluid or pus that may have accumulated in the middle ear. Before going further, it would be helpful to understand the anatomy of the ear and why myringotomy surgery is needed. Ear Anatomy The Eustachian tube … Read more

Myringotomy-The Procedure and Complication Risks

Myringotomy Surgery – The Procedure The procedure of myringotomy is an elective procedure that is done only after medications fail to improve the condition. The patient is first given premedication in order to relax before being taken to the operating room. However, premedication is mostly given to children as they are very anxious and fearful … Read more

Myringotomy Post Surgery Care

Myringotomy Post Surgery Care As soon as the surgery is over, the patient is taken to the recovery room. It takes almost an hour for the patient to completely come out of the anesthetic state. On getting back to normalcy, he/she is discharged home on the same day after giving some advices. Some patients may … Read more