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  1. Aarti Tapadiya says

    Hi my husband is 32 year old, he is having fever since past 3 weeks fever goes up maximum 101.8F (checked with digital thermometer under armpits) specially during the night, he feels tired, headache at end of the day, doctor took the blood sample and reports says he has low hemoglobin, vitamin D and iron, Dr prescribed antibiotics for three days but still he feels the same, he has little dry cough and runny nose. I’m worried about the fever since it goes down with paracetamol but comes back again, he feels week.
    Please if you can suggest something about it, appreciate

  2. I had knee surgery I got a ligament replacement in my ACL and meniscus just replace 3 years ago I have noticed today that there is a lump on the back of my leg and it hurts what could have happened

  3. Sanjana Kelam says

    I had my c section last month….and am bottle feeding my baby…so I have to wake up all the time my baby wakes up…n am sitting n feeding him…am not getting as much as rest I can…what should I do…. sometimes I get sharp pains near stitches…is it common…and how many months does the soreness near abdomen last long…is it ok for me to get up more often n walk….please help me….n solve my problem….

  4. I been having this pain on my left for a year now its really been hurting me wat should I do bout

  5. what is the difference between automatic and autonomic bladder

  6. Kelly Madden says


    Body temperatures usually return to normal “when” the illness goes away.

    Body temperatures usually return to normal with the illness goes away.

  7. I have been dealing with a low grade fever since Friday…right ear reade at 99.6 and my left ear at 99.5. The other symptom of have is a sinus headache for the same duration. My nose runs when I look down. I have no body aches or coughing. I am wondering if it could be allergies or something else.

  8. Cindy Schmidler says

    Thank you Patty!

  9. Comment about the section: If Your Hip Dislocates

    In the first paragraph, 2nd sentence, you have this ” If the hip dislocates out, it will happen in a fraction of a 2nd”

    I believe that you mean, “fraction of a second” rather than 2nd and may want to correct this.

    Overall, this was an excellent article. I just passed my 3 months exam post THR & I wish I had found your site earlier. I am doing well, in fact, fabulously, but I still felt your article was filled with great information.


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