Coxa Vara Hip Conditions in Children

Coxa vara Hip Conditions in Children Causes

Coxa vara Hip Conditions in Children can be caused by many different problems including developmental issues or accidents during childhood that result in hip damage. The disease may be seen in conjunction with congenital dislocation disorders or it may be seen in muscular dystrophy due to weakened muscles around the hips.

Trauma may also cause this disease on rare occasions. However this would have to be trauma with extreme forces behind it such as a car accident or a fall from a great height. This could cause dislocations and Coxa Vara due to damage in the femoral head.

Coxa vara Hip Conditions in Children Symptoms

Coxa Vara Hip ChildrenChildren experiencing Coxa Vara will likely be in a great deal of pain most of the time. If this is a developmental form of the disease then pain may emerge later in childhood during periods of high activity. Children who have been previously athletic or active may suddenly complain of intense pain in the hip, groin or thigh area without an apparent cause or injury to report.

Children will most likely experience limping due to a reduced range of motion due to joint damage or pain. Mobility will likely be affected and the affected leg may shorten throughout the course of the disorder. Due to this disorder children may also walk with one side of the pelvis dropped below the other in what is termed the Trendelenburg Gait.

Coxa vara Hip Conditions in Children Diagnosis

Diagnosis of Coxa vara Hip Conditions in Children will require a full physical exam from your child’s pediatrician or health care provider. Your child’s health care provider will move their hips gently to observe for any abnormal sounds or movement. Your child will also be observed while walking for signs of limping or an odd gait.

A full history of pain and mobility issues will be noted as well. Finally imaging such as x-rays will be used to pin point the exact cause of your child’s pain or mobility problems. This will help your child’s doctor to find the best treatment plan to manage pain and to help your child regain as much mobility as possible.

Coxa vara Hip Conditions in Children Treatment

The treatment of Coxa Vara should ideally focus on reducing pain and stiffness while helping your child to regain their mobility. Physical therapy may be beneficial for stiffness and to help your child stay active. Devices such as canes, walkers, or crutches, may also help your child to remain mobile while taking some of the weight off of painful hip joints. Surgery may also be performed to adjust the angle of the hip in children and adults. If the disease has deteriorated the hip in an adult a hip replacement may be necessary to help the patient stay mobile. If you’ve been experiencing hip see your doctor today for more information on pain management and regaining your mobility through physical therapy or the many surgical options available.

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