Aseptic or Avascular Necrosis Symptoms and Causes

Aseptic or Avascular necrosis is not a common disease, but it does affect several individuals worldwide each year. This disease causes a variety of joint problems and in the end stages may cause total joint destruction. Aseptic or Avascular necrosis symptoms and causes have been linked back to many common medications such as steroids or medications to regulate blood calcium levels in certain medical conditions. Aseptic or Avascular necrosis symptoms can also result from sickle cell anemia as well as some other medical conditions. If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with Aseptic or Avascular necrosis read on to learn more about treating and managing your condition.

Aseptic or Avascular Necrosis Causes

Aseptic or Avascular necroAseptic Necrosissis can be caused by a variety of factors, but are most often linked to other diseases or medications used to treat those diseases. Corticosterioids are a major offender in this area. These medications can weaken joints overtime to cause collapse or destruction of the cartilage that will line the joints. This will result in wear and decreased circulation to the area. As circulation decreases tissue will begin to die then the bone and joint will ultimately be destroyed. Other factors such as emboli, sickle cell anemia, and calcium regulating medications have also been linked to Aseptic or Avascular necrosis symptoms and causes.


Aseptic or Avascular Necrosis Diagnosis

In the beginning this disease can be difficult to diagnose because Aseptic or Avascular necrosis symptoms may be vague in the beginning. In fact the patient may not feel any pain or notice any symptoms until a great deal of damage has been done already to the joint. MRI is really the gold standard for testing and diagnosis of this disorder although x-ray technology may be able to detect more apparent damage later on. At this stage though treatment will do little good and symptom management will be the best that can be done in most cases.

However, early diagnosis will leave more options for the treatment of Aseptic or Avascular necrosis symptoms and causes. Treatment may involve surgery or rest for the affected joint, especially if this is a weight bearing joint. Surgery for this condition will involve removing some of the effected bone to restore blood flow and may require other bone to be placed in the area as well. This bone graft will help to improve joint function and stability will retaining good circulation to the area.

Aseptic or Avascular Necrosis Symptoms

In the end while Aseptic or Avascular necrosis symptoms and causes can be quite distressing there are treatments. It is important to receive early diagnosis though. If you are experiencing pain in weight bearing joints such as your hips or knees see your health care provider for a thorough examination. Patients who are taking long term steroid medications or who have Sickle Cell Anemia should also be monitored due to these risk factors. For more information about Aseptic or Avascular necrosis symptoms and causes see your healthcare provider. Remember time is bone, to prevent further damage seek treatment early.