Treating Neck Pain

What causes neck pain? Neck pain can be caused by a variety of factors and can be difficult to pinpoint at times. Sometimes even the simplest daily activities may cause this pain, such as sleeping in an odd position. Other times trauma, such as a car crash, may be to blame. If you’re experiencing neck […]

Causes of Neck Pain

Sometimes life can certainly be a pain in the neck. Whether it’s picking up a small child repeatedly, sports injuries, or simply sitting in one position too long or sleeping in an odd position neck pain can result from most anything. If you’re experiencing neck pain you may be trying to get down to the […]

Neck Anatomy Pictures Bones, Muscles, Nerves

Neck Anatomy Pictures Bones, Muscles, Nerves   Your neck certainly has a great deal of responsibility each day. From supporting the head to containing the spinal cord and nerves as they emerge from the skull, this structure does it all. The neck has the ability to support a great deal of weight too; the human […]

Fever Symptoms in Adults

Fever Symptoms in Adults You feel like you’re freezing to death and the thermometer is beeping wildly. You’ve got the latest bug of the season and now you’ve got a fever to boot. Fevers can make people of all ages feel miserable. In most cases a fever is a signal of illness within the body […]

Fever Remedies for Children

Fever Remedies for Children What is a fever in children? Children often suffer from fevers when they are dressed too warmly or get overexerted during play. Other causes of fever may include viruses or infections that your child may have contracted while out and about in the world. Measuring your child’s temperature is very important […]

Fever Remedies for Babies

Fever Remedies for Babies When your baby has a fever, a minute can seem like a lifetime. They cry, suffer, and sleep poorly throughout the night leaving you both exhausted. With seemingly endless possibilities for the cause of the fever this one symptom can be more nerve wracking than most. In this article we’ll discuss […]

Fever Remedies for Adults

Fever Remedies for Adults What is a fever? A fever is not an illness but a symptom of an illness. Fever can also result from vaccine reactions, heat stroke, and dehydration etc… If you’ve got a fever and you haven’t gotten extremely hot or you’re not dressed too warmly, you’ve likely got an infection or […]

Fever Blisters, Pictures, Causes, Home Treatment

Fever Blisters, Pictures, Causes, Home Treatment and Preventing What are fever Blisters? Fever blisters are a sore area on or within the mouth that may cause bumps or open sores that can last up to a week or so to usually burst and resolve on their own. As interesting note, fever blisters may also occur […]

Elbow Anatomy Pictures, Bones, Muscles, Nerves

Elbow Anatomy Pictures, Bones, Muscles and Nerves The elbow is a very versatile joint in the upper extremities that provide a great deal of motion within the arm. Without the elbow many daily activities would be quite impossible. Eating, playing sports, dressing, and hugging our loved ones would all be impossible. While the elbow is […]

Hip Pain Symptoms and Treatment

Hip Pain Causes There are many reasons that people of all ages may experience hip pain. If you’ve been experiencing hip pain you may wonder just what’s causing it. Many factors from arthritis to fractures may cause soreness around the groin, pelvis, or the hip joint specifically. You may also be experiencing muscle strains or […]