Tennis Elbow Surgery Recovery Time

People recovering from tennis elbow surgery are generally able to return to normal daily activities in two to six weeks; return to work within three to 12 weeks; and return to sports in four to six months. Of course, recovery times vary depending on a variety of factors. Some of these factors may include your […]

When to Order an MRI with Contrast

MRI with contrast should be ordered when a more detailed view of organ structure and function is needed; a detailed view of inflammation, analysis or diagnosis of a reported tumor, or to analyze blood flow and supply. Contrast allows for more detailed and clearer image capturing and is useful in the assessment and diagnosis of a […]

The 99.8 Fever – What You Need to Know About Low Grade Fevers

The symptoms of illness are vast and various – from generalized weakness, to coughs and a runny nose. But even with a combination of these symptoms, many of us won’t assume sickness. It’s only when we develop a fever that acknowledging the presence of a viral or bacterial infection becomes undeniable. But what happens if […]

Laser Treatment for Neuropathy – Is It Effective?

Neuropathy is a term used to describe nerve damage. It can occur as the result of a variety of medical conditions. However the most common cause of neuropathy is diabetes. The complication develops secondary to poor blood circulation that compromises the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the distal parts of the body. Without a […]

How to Relieve Vasoconstriction – A Definitive Guide

Our blood vessels have the ability to constrict or dilate, depending on a number of factors that impact our bodies. For the most part, dilation occurs when our bodies detect a need for increased blood supply. Constriction on the other hand, occurs when our bodies try to prevent excessive blood loss or heat loss. In […]

The Facts on Diabetic Nerve Pain in Feet

Considered one of the most expensive diseases known to man, diabetes can cause damage to virtually all of a person’s organ systems over time. As the condition wears on, it can give rise to a host of new complications, including nerve damage otherwise called diabetic neuropathy. The symptoms of nerve damage are most pronounced in […]

Baxter’s Neuropathy – Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Plantar Fascitis

Statistics have shown that plantar fasciitis (PF) is the most common reason for heel pain. This condition results from micro-trauma to the plantar fascia – an elongated stretch of tissue that supports the arches under the feet. However, recent studies suggest that many cases of plantar fasciitis are actually misdiagnosed. Parading as plantar fasciitis, Baxter’s […]

Understanding the 5 W’s of Post Op Fever and Its Variations

Post-operative fever can occur as the result of a number of different reasons. To help ease the process of determining the causative factor, a special mnemonic was developed in the 1980’s. This is what we’ve come to know as the 5 W’s of post op fever. While it’s widely unknown who was responsible for the […]

The Dangers Behind Lower Back Pain and Fever

Lower back pain is the most common reason stated for work-related absences. This type of pain will often have pronounced impact on overall performance and motivation. But because an achy back caused by occupational factors can often be resolved with a little rest, we tend to brush it off as a trivial problem. But did […]

Taking Antibiotics for Wisdom Teeth Infections – What You Need to Know

The wisdom teeth erupt from the gums anywhere between the ages of 17 and 25. In some individuals, they don’t show until many years after that. This is the reason for the teeth’s unique name, as they come out much later, during which an individual might have already reached adulthood. Recent studies have shown, however, […]