Benefits of Having a Masters in Nursing

There are many benefits of having a masters in nursing. Now that you have accomplished your nursing degree, you may wonder why you would ever bother going back to college to earn your masters degree. I’m sure you remember all the countless hours you spent studying, doing laps, interning in those papers at all hours of the night.

Hopefully, you also have some good memories of your education and how well it prepared you to succeed as a nurse. Earning a Masters degree can benefit your career in nursing in many ways should you decide this is your path to improve your career.

You can earn a Masters degree without having to quit your job and attend classes either online or in the evening.

Benefits of Having a Masters in Nursing

MSN_MASTERS_OF_NURSING_PIN_MDThere are many benefits of having a Masters in nursing degree. These benefits include distinguishing yourself as the most qualified person for management or teaching positions in your sphere of influence. Additionally, you can become eligible for board certification in nursing professional development or as a nurse executive. Many hospitals and organizations also reward of Masters of nursing with higher salaries. And finally, you may just enjoy your education so much that you would return to get a doctoral degree.


Below is a brief review of the benefits of earning a Masters degree in nursing.

Higher Salary

1. You may be eligible for a higher salary. Although this is not guaranteed, your pursuit of higher education demonstrates that you have valuable expertise and an attitude of continual learning. This is typically rewarded by healthcare organizations.

Gain Expertise

2. By gaining a Masters degree, you’ll expand your medical knowledge which will in turn help you be better if your job. Any professional who has an attitude of continuous learning, improves in their job as they learn new skills and techniques. In fact, the overall experience of learning should improve your attitude and outlook on your job and your life.

Increased Career Options

3. With a Masters degree in nursing, you will have more options should you feel stuck in your current position. A Masters degree in nursing will give you a step up on other professionals as you look at new opportunities for employment either in the local area or across the United States. The more experience and education you have the more likely you will be hired for new and exciting positions in your area of specialty and leadership.

More Career Opportunities

4. With a Masters degree in Nursing your organization will be more likely to give you leadership in teaching positions. While this may not come with more salary, it will improve your outlook on your position as you pour your knowledge and experience into other people. You will find this a very rewarding time in your career.

Improved Working Hours

5. If you earn a Masters degree in nursing, you may be eligible for management positions that offer a more traditional 40-hour workweek.  This could give you a break from 12-hour shifts that are exhausting, and give you a fresh outlook on life based on a new work schedule. Of Course, you will be one step removed from patient care, so if this is your driving factor, this benefit would not apply to you.

nursing graduates

You have worked hard to earn your nursing degree. Should you choose to return to college you will begin to see the benefits of having a masters in nursing.


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