Wound Dehiscence Under ICD-10

Any procedure that requires the creation of a cut or opening in the skin can result in a complication called wound dehiscence. This occurs when the surgical incision reopens after closure, posing a threat to the healing of the wound and the individual’s overall health. According to recent statistics, 45% of wound dehiscence cases lead […]

Baxter’s Neuropathy – Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Plantar Fascitis

Statistics have shown that plantar fasciitis (PF) is the most common reason for heel pain. This condition results from micro-trauma to the plantar fascia – an elongated stretch of tissue that supports the arches under the feet. However, recent studies suggest that many cases of plantar fasciitis are actually misdiagnosed. Parading as plantar fasciitis, Baxter’s […]

The Dangers Behind Lower Back Pain and Fever

Lower back pain is the most common reason stated for work-related absences. This type of pain will often have pronounced impact on overall performance and motivation. But because an achy back caused by occupational factors can often be resolved with a little rest, we tend to brush it off as a trivial problem. But did […]

Taking Antibiotics for Wisdom Teeth Infections – What You Need to Know

The wisdom teeth erupt from the gums anywhere between the ages of 17 and 25. In some individuals, they don’t show until many years after that. This is the reason for the teeth’s unique name, as they come out much later, during which an individual might have already reached adulthood. Recent studies have shown, however, […]

Nursing as a Business: Let the Entrepreneur Out

Perhaps every nurse dreams of working from home or starting their own nursing business at some point along the way. Many have done it and they haven’t had to abandon all their nursing skills and experience. Tina at yourcareernursing.com advises you to start where every work at home business entrepreneur begins: planning. What is your […]

Medical Billing Career

With the changes in the health care industry brought about March 23, 2010, by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act(PPACA) also commonly referred to as Obama care, health care reform, or the Affordable Care Act (ACA) there is a great need for Medical Billing Experts. Medical Billing Career Opportunity Description – Medical Billing Career […]

A Career in Physical Therapy

A career in physical therapy will prove to be very rewarding. A physical therapist is a health professional with completed a four-year degree program specializing in the evaluation and treatment of various physical limitations of the human body. A Career in Physical Therapy The physical therapist will evaluate the components of movement and develop a […]

Dental Assistant Career

Dental Assistant Career If you have decided to pursue a dental assistant career, you have selected one of the top 25 fastest growing occupations in the U.S. This career is also personally fulfilling as you are improving the quality of life for many individuals. By pursuing a career as a dental assistant, you will have […]

College Health Degrees

Healthcare Degrees Due to the rising demand for healthcare professionals, many colleges and universities are offering new and exciting healthcare degree programs. Some of these colleges offer degree programs online, on-site or a combination typically called blended learning. College Health Degrees Options for Healthcare Degrees Below is a list of specific articles discussing the types […]

A Career in Health Information Technology

A career in Health Information Technology is one of the fastest growing opportunities available today. With the increasing complexity in the healthcare market, people who have a passion for computer science and medical technology can find the perfect career in health information technology. Sometimes this career is also known as health information management. A Career […]