Dental Assistant Career

Dental Assistant Career

If you have decided to pursue a dental assistant career, you have selected one of the top 25 fastest growing occupations in the U.S. This career is also personally fulfilling as you are improving the quality of life for many individuals.

By pursuing a career as a dental assistant, you will have a broad range of responsibilities. Your specific responsibilities will be dependent on state regulations but typically involve patient care, lab duties and a variety of office responsibilities.

Dental Assistant


The American Dental Association (ADA) includes the following as responsibilities for dental assistants:

  • Provide assistance to a dentist with treatment protocols and procedures.
  • Preparing dental patients for x-rays and then completing those x-rays.
  • Discussing pre-and post-dental surgery instructions with patients. This would involve description of the procedure and providing documentation.
  • Organizing, preparing and sterilizing dental instruments for patient use.

Benefits of a Dental Assistant Career

There are many benefits to a dental assistant career, including;

 A flexible work schedule

over one third of dental assistants are part time. This provides an excellent career for working mothers and individuals who want flexibility in their work schedule. Other dental assistants divide their schedules between more than one office. If you are seeking a career with flexible or part-time hours, dental assistant would be a good choice.

 Helping people

As a dental assistant you will have regular contact with patients. This one-on-one personal contact is a benefit for those individuals who would like to communicate and help people. Whether your responsibility as scheduling appointment, communicating pre-and post surgery instructions, or taking a patient’s vital signs, you have the opportunity to improve their overall life.

 Promotion opportunities

As you gain experience as a dental assistant, there will be many opportunities available to enhance your career. These include office manager, practice manager, dental educator, and working for companies that sell dental products.

Salary Ranges

Salary ranges for dental assistants will vary based on geography, position and what type of organization your are employed in. In general, salary for a dental assistant ranges from $25,000 to just under $50,000 depending on location and responsibilities.


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