LASIK Surgery Choosing a Surgeon

Choosing a right LASIK surgeon is very important as the outcome of the surgery depends on the skills of the surgeon. A patient has to consider several factors before choosing a surgeon for the LASIK procedure. Finding a qualified surgeon is a challenging task, especially when the patient is unaware about the medical terms and technological advancements involved in the laser procedures. Before selecting a LASIK surgeon, it is recommended to do an extensive research as it helps to find the best possible surgeon.

LASIK Surgery Choosing a Surgeon



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Some of the factors that have to be considered while choosing a LASIK surgeon are:

Experience – LASIK Surgery Choosing a Surgeon

Experience in various surgical procedures is very critical to select a LASIK surgeon. Experienced surgeons have in-depth knowledge about each procedure and its outcome. The experienced surgeons can perform the surgeries effortlessly as they are performing these procedures several times a year. An experienced LASIK surgeon can handle complicated surgeries efficiently. Never opt for a general ophthalmologist to perform laser procedures. Choose a surgeon who is specialized in LASIK eye procedures. Patients can ask about the years of experience and relevant experience of the surgeon before choosing one. Consider a surgeon who is comfortable and experienced in various laser procedures such as LASIK, LASEK, PRK, CK, and lens replacement surgery.

License – LASIK Surgery Choosing a Surgeon

While choosing a LASIK eye surgeon, it is important to know whether the surgeon is licensed for practicing laser surgical procedures. License for practice is generally provided by state licensing boards after checking the credentials of the surgeon. The patients can confirm the credibility of the credentials by taking the help of National Practitioner Data Bank.

Board Certification – LASIK Surgery Choosing a Surgeon

Check whether the surgeon has a medical board certification. Board certification is issued by the American Board of Ophthalmology to certify that the ophthalmologist is eligible or specialized in LASIK surgery. Board certification is issued only if the physicians undergo specialty training and pass various examinations conducted by the board. The certified doctors have to maintain the certification by updating their knowledge in recent technology and techniques associated with laser procedures.

Latest Technology and Equipment- LASIK Surgery Choosing a Surgeon

LASIK surgery is performed by creating a corneal flap and then the cornea is reshaped using an excimer laser. With the advent of latest technologies, refractive eye surgery became safe and effective. Hence, it is recommended to select a surgeon who performs eye surgeries using latest techniques such as iLASIK and Wavefront-guided LASIK surgery. Use of latest techniques and equipment avoids possible risks and complications during and after the procedure.

Affordable – LASIK Surgery Choosing a Surgeon

Never select a surgeon who offers laser procedures at a cheap price. Consider doing a market research to know the standardized rates of the laser eye procedures. The cost of the surgery depends on the eye condition and health of the patient. Some of the laser surgical centers are offering affordable payment methods for the patients with limited budget.

Reputation and Referrals – LASIK Surgery Choosing a Surgeon

Reputation of the LASIK surgeon among the customers is important while selecting a LASIK surgeon. Check the reviews online to know the reputation of the surgeon. Opinions of friends, family members, and family doctors are valuable to find a reputed surgeon. Choose a LASIK surgeon who has a reputation of having proper skill-sets, experience, updated knowledge, and integrity to enjoy the best possible outcome.