What is Peri-menopause?

Preparing for “the change.” As we said, menopause is a process. Perimenopause is part of the process. Perimenopause begins with your first menopausal symptoms (for example, hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, insomnia) and ends when you reach full menopause, which is when your periods have completely stopped. As with other health issues affecting women, … Read more


Going Through the Change Like most women today, you have probably heard the term “menopause”. You may know a little about it or a lot. At the very least, you know that it will happen to you — typically in your 40’s or 50’s. And, like most women, you’ll deal with it when you have … Read more

When Should I Let People Touch My Baby? Handwashing and Germs

Until your baby is 2 months old, any type of infection can be very serious. Although protective antibodies against some infections are transferred from a mother to her baby prior to birth, newborns have very little resistance to germs.  It is therefore important to protect yourself and your baby from contagious diseases.   Such illnesses … Read more

If Your Newborn Gets a Cold

You will learn to tell when your baby isn’t feeling well. You can tell if your baby has a cold because he will probably have a stuffy nose and a cough. If your baby’s nose gets stopped-up with mucous, suction it with a bulb syringe. It’s important to keep this airway open so he can … Read more

Take Care of Yourself, Too!

Changes in your hormones along with the rapid changes in your life can cause mood swings known as the “baby blues.” Babies bring a lot of joy and a big, 24-hour-a-day job. If you let yourself get too tired, the baby blues can turn into depression more easily. With the baby blues you will have … Read more

When to Call Your Pediatrician

Keep your pediatrician’s phone number along with other emergency phone numbers near the telephone. Write down important names and phone numbers and keep them near the phone. When you call, be ready to give your baby’s age, weight, temperature, and how the temperature was taken. Have a list of all medicines your newborn is taking. … Read more

Well-baby Check-ups

It is very important for you to keep all appointments with your baby’s pediatrician. Your baby’s first check-up will be around 1 to 2 weeks of age. This first visit is very important for your newborn. Health problems that may not have shown up at birth may show up at this time. Well-baby check-ups are … Read more

Keeping Your Baby Safe

Babies aren’t as fragile as they look. But they are easily hurt and must be protected from accidents. You can prevent many accidents from happening by following these tips all of the time. Safety Tips for Babies •  Never leave your baby unattended on a changing table, the sofa, or a bed, even for one … Read more