Working While Pregnant

Many women choose to continue working right up until the time that their babies are due. Anti-discrimination laws protect their right to do so as long as
they can continue to perform the full range of their duties.

Is it Safe to Work While Pregnant?

Most women can work throughout their pregnancy without adversely affecting their health or the health of their babies. However, women with certain types of jobs may have limitations. Limitations include:
~ A lot of standing, such as salespeople, cooks, waitresses, and nurses.
~ Lifting, pushing or pulling anything greater than 25 pounds.
~ Lifting, climbing, or bending lower than waist level.
~ Exposure to hazardous chemicals or radiation

You should talk with your doctor or certified nurse midwife for further guidance.

While You’re Working

For women who can continue working throughout pregnancy, their concern shifts from safety to comfort. To stay as comfortable as possible while you’re working, follow these guidelines.

~ Change your position often or take frequent breaks and move around.
~ Don’t work more than 40 hours a week.
~ When sitting, keep your legs elevated if possible.
~ Eat small, frequent meals
~ Empty your bladder often.
~ Stop working when you are tired.
~ Get plenty of rest when you’re not working.

If you have a normal pregnancy and a low-risk job, taking these simple steps to enhance your comfort should allow you to go straight from work to the delivery room if that’s what you want. But, you may wish to quit work before the last minute to put the finishing touches on the baby’s room or to prepare emotionally and psychologically for the baby’s arrival.

Working while pregnant
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