Prenatal Supplements

What are prenatal supplements?

At your first prenatal visit you will receive a prescription for a prenatal vitamin supplement. Prenatal supplements add nutrients to your diet. It does not replace foods needed by your body and your growing baby. Therefore, your vitamins should be taken in addition to eating a good, well balanced diet.

Are iron pills a supplement, too?

Yes. Some women, require more iron in their diet than prenatal vitamin can supply. They are prescribed an iron supplement. These are taken from one to four times/day. For greater benefit, take supplement with a high vitamin C source like orange juice.

Does it matter when I take my supplements?

Yes. Any multivitamin/mineral supplement works better if taken immediately following a meal. When the nutrients in the supplement can combine with the nutrients in your food, they are used better by the body.

Are there any foods that can interfere with supplements?

Yes. Calcium and iron do not work well together. Because you get most of your calcium from milk, take your supplements at meals and/or snacks when you won’t be drinking milk. If you are taking a calcium supplement instead of drinking milk, the same rule applies: Take your calcium at a different time than your iron pill and prenatal vitamin.

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