Warning Signs to Know

You should report any of these symptoms to your doctor:
~ Bright red bleeding
~ Dizziness, spots before eyes, or blurred vision
~ Gush or leaking water from vagina, vaginal discharge that becomes bloody, watery or significantly increases in amount
~ Severe headache unrelieved by rest or Tylenol
~ Swelling of hands, feet or face (may be signs of preeclampsia)
~ Temperature greater than 100.5 F
~ Sharp or constant pain in any part of the body
~ Decreased fetal movement
~ Uterine contractions — more than 4 per hour (if earlier than your 37th week, with or without pain)
~ Pelvic pressure and menstrual-like cramps
~ Low backache that comes and goes
~ Intestinal cramps without diarrhea
~ An overall feeling that something isn’t right with you or your baby

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