Family Planning and Birth Control After Cesarean

Don’t think that because you’re not having a period that you can’t get pregnant.Your doctor might not talk about birth control until your check-up after your cesarean. However, you can get pregnant if you fail to use birth control while your reproductive system is returning to normal. Don’t think that because you’re not having a period that you can’t get pregnant. This was true while you were pregnant because your ovaries did not release eggs, called ovulation. Ovulation can begin again as soon as 27 days after giving birth. However, because your hormone levels are changing, you might not have a period for several months. Periods usually return within 3 months for bottle-feeding moms or 6 months for breastfeeding moms (or your period may not return until you stop breastfeeding).

Before you resume intercourse, talk with your partner about future family plans. If you don’t want to have another baby right away, then choose the method of birth control that best suits both of your needs. There are many methods to choose from. You and your partner should have some type of birth control in mind before you resume physical relations.

The most common methods are:
Birth control pills. It takes about a week for the birth control pills to work, so use an additional form of birth control until then.
• A diaphragm and spermicide. A diaphragm requires a prescription. If you used a diaphragm before you were pregnant, you will probably need a different size after giving birth. If you are getting a diaphragm for the first time, let your doctor’s office know when you make your appointment so they can allow extra time for your visit.
Condoms. Condoms do not require a prescription and are most effective if you use them along with a spermicide.

Breastfeeding does not prevent pregnancy and should not be used as a method of birth control. Ask your doctor which method he recommends. Some birth control methods are better for you than others while you are breastfeeding.

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TIP 11
The best method of birth control is one
that you will use all of the time and in
the right way.


  1. I have 2 c section done and also family planning operation i want 3nd baby it’s possible to pregnant

  2. Ifeyinwa says

    Is More than a week now I had sex without protection and I gave birth through c section what do I do

  3. i giving birth by cesarian delivery two girls and i do not want baby again what should i use for contraceptive?

  4. I have 2 c section done and also family planning operation i want 3nd baby it’s possible to pregnant

  5. I have sex with my husband after 21 days of c-section birth delivery plz can I use postinor 2 to avoid been pregnant again?

  6. Farah khan says

    I have made physical relation without any precaution after c-section delivery. What should I do now to avoid pregnancy?

  7. Mere 2 c sections hue h n 2nd c section k time mane family planning operation nhi krwaya to pls suggest me ki kya ab tubal ligation possible h ya nhi and which option is best for me

  8. Cindy Schmidler says

    Please consult your care provider or OB-GYN with this question.

  9. I had sex with my husband six weeks after cs and I used p2 could there be any problem advice please

  10. Cindy Schmidler says

    Please address this question with your obstetrician. They will help you to decide what are the best medications for you to be on or to avoid after a cesarean section.

  11. Its ok to use diane pills for 1st time cesarean ???

  12. Hi, i gave birth to my first baby last june 13. Cesarean Section. Can i take diane pills by next month. september?

  13. Tony stark says

    I had sex with my wife after ten weeks of section c it is possible that she can b pregnant again.

  14. Cindy Schmidler says

    Hi there! Thanks for reaching out to us with your questions! Most experts suggest that women wait 6 weeks or more after a c-section before resuming any sort of sexual contact. Keep in mind though that this changes from woman to woman depending on how well her healing is going. With that, we highly recommend that you seek the advice of your specialist to better understand where you stand in terms of post-operative recovery. As for family planning, there are lots of alternatives including oral contraceptives that won’t affect your breastmilk production or quality. However, because birth control isn’t a one-size-fits-all, you should make sure to check with your doctor to find the right alternative for your specific case.

  15. Hi this is Scholastic, i had a c section on my first baby when do i resume inter Course and is family planning ok.

  16. Naima bashir said says

    I have 5 cesirian section with 6children including a set of twins and and I want to rest which method will suit me

  17. Hi dis is shaheen here I have delivered my 3rd baby with c section n family planning too but d period r regular n lot of bleeding I want to no anything is dangerous help me out

  18. Lakshman says

    My wife age was26 she gave birth for two children and both deliveries was ceserean onlyand family planning operation was also done in this situation reverse family planning operation is suitable for another child.We are planning to have another child what we have to do.

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