When To Call Your Surgeon After Spinal Fusion

Lumbar Spinal Fusion

Table of Contents

Lumbar Spinal Fusion
Most Common Causes of Lumbar Back Pain
Your Visit With The Surgeon
Getting Yourself Ready For Surgery
Understanding Back Precautions
Making Arrangements For Surgery
Your Hospital Visit
Lumbar Spinal Fusion Surgery
Recovery At Home
When To Call Your Surgeon
Long Term Care For Your Back

More Information:

Lumbar Spine Structure and Function

SurgeonKeep 24-hour phone numbers handy. Call your surgeon’s office if you feel you are not healing properly. You or a family member should check your incision every day. If you think you have a fever take your temperature.

If you have any of the following signs of infection or other complications, call your surgeon right away:

• pain in your calf or a lot of swelling in your feet and legs
pain in your back that does not go away with your pain medicine
• foul smelling discharge coming from your incision
• red, hot, and swollen incision
• chills or a fever over 100.4°F
• chest congestion, coughing, or problems breathing while at rest
• chest pain
• a bulge in your back
• you cannot move your arms or legs

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