Labral Tear


The labrum of the shoulder is the soft tissue “washer” of the shoulder socket. This tissue can be caught between the socket and the
humerus and be torn. This flap of tissue can move in and out of the joint, getting caught between the humeral head and glenoid socket, and cause pain and catching.


The main symptom caused by a labral tear is usually a sharp catching type sensation in the shoulder. This may be followed by a vague aching
for several hours. This “catching feeling” may occur only with certain movements of the shoulder.


The diagnosis of a labral tear may be suggested by the history and the physical examination. The tear is sometimes visible on the MRI Scan, or
in a CT Scan with special dye in the shoulder. The diagnosis of a labral tear may rely on looking into the shoulder with the arthroscope.


The arthroscope can also be used to remove the tear and determine what other injuries may have occurred in the shoulder.

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