Breastfeeding Support Resources

La Leche League International has groups of nursing mothers who offer assistance to breastfeeding mothers. Call 800-LALECHE or 847-519-7730 or log on to find La Leche League leaders and groups in your area. Also, you can call their twenty-four-hour Breastfeeding Helpline (900-448-7475, ext. 88) to get advise or help.

Breastfeeding and Nutrition is a thorough guide on what to eat and drink while you are breastfeeding. It is published by Consumer and is an excellent resource.


More about Breastfeeding for Beginners

Overview of Breastfeeding
When to Feed Your Baby
How to Feed Your Baby
Breast Care While Breastfeeding
Breast and Nipple Problems While Breastfeeding
Expressing and Storing Breast Milk
Keeping up the Milk Supply
Nutrition While Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding in Special Situations
Returning to Work While Breastfeeding
Resources for Support While Breastfeeding

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