Books for Families Coping With Brain Injury

Why did it happen on a school day?
My family’s experience with brain injury

– Brain Injury Association of Maryland
ISBN: 0927093022

BIA National Directory of Brain
Injury Rehabilitation Services, annual editions

– Brain Injury Association, Inc.
ISBN: None

Brain Injury and the Family: A life and living perspective
– Arthur E. Dell Orto, CRC Press
ISBN: 0849313252

Family articles about traumatic brain injury
– Angela Tipton Dikengil, M.S.
Communication Skills Builders
ISBN: 0884501752

Coping with Brain Injury:
A guide for family and friends

– Gordon Muir Giles, American
Occupational Therapy Association
ISBN: 1569000360

Living with Brain Injury:
A guide for families (second edition)

– Richard C. Senelick, Health South
ISBN: 1891525093

Injured brain

Head Injury: Information and answers to commonly asked questions; a family’s guide to coping
– Christopher D. Sturm, et al.
Quality Medical Publishing
ISBN: 1576260968

Share the Care: How to organize a group to care for someone who is seriously ill
– Sheila Warnack, Cappy Capossela,
Simon & Schuster
ISBN: 0684811367

Many of these books are available from the Brain Injury Association of America at or from on-line booksellers.

Brain Anatomy and Function


Traumatic Brain Injury Booklet CoverBrain Injury: A guide for family and friends

Table of Contents

What is a Brain Injury?
How Bad Is It?
How the Brain Functions
Common Problems During Early Recovery
The Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
Understanding Coma
How Does an Injured Brain Heal?
How You Can Help With Recovery
• Where Will the Journey Go From Here?
How Will I Ever Get Through This?
Where to Go for Help
• Books for Families Coping With Brain Injury


  1. my husband had mva n done right decompressive craniectomy..first come to emergency with gcs 3.already day 6..after operation still intubated,just want to know chance he survive n how what part that effect him.anything he we loss such a memories,speech or vision

  2. RAJENDRA m says

    My wife 50 years had brain stroke on left side operation was done before 40 days. Still she is not able to respond to our commands. And eyes also not opening for long time. And sleeps more time in a day

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