Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is a relatively recent concept of traveling to another country to get or give health care treatment or surgery. When you cross international borders to get medical treatments it’s considered medical or health tourism because often there is a vacation planned in the trip. Medical tourism is also used to describe health care … Read more

What Kind of Doctor Do I Need?

In some health insurance plans you can refer yourself to a doctor. In other plans, you have to be referred to a specialist by your primary care physician. If you are trying to decide what type of doctor you need for your health problem or symptoms you’re having, then this list will help you out.

Health Care

Health care is changing quickly. Our health care system has to take care of more people with fewer resources. So it’s up to us to help out as much as we can by being able to talk with our doctors and nurses so they can better understand our health issues and get us the best … Read more