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Going for Knee Replacement

Table of Contents

Total Knee Replacement: a patient and family guide for surgery and recovery

Expert Advisors: Wanda Ruth McDaniel, CNP, Thomas O. Sturkie, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon

Copyright 1996; 1997; 1999; 2005; 2010 Media Partners, Inc. All rights reserved—no part of this book may be reproduced. This booklet has been filed with the U.S. Copyright Office. Be sure to read our disclaimer and copyright notices at the bottom of this page.

Cover of Total Knee Replacement BookletThousands of Total Knee Replacement booklets are purchased by hospitals and doctors across the U.S. to give to their patients. These booklets are used in knee replacement preparation classes and by nurse educators. Because hospital and health care budgets are shrinking, Media Partners has decided to make the information available online. We hope it helps with tight education budgets! Media Partners, Inc.

In addition to learning about knee replacement surgery, you can learn about knee anatomy. This will help you to better understand the surgery.


  1. Cindy Schmidler says

    Thank you for writing. You should consult your doctor and physical therapist with these concerns. They may have instructions for you to change your current exercise regimen or be able to prescribe a different type of pain management. Best wishes in your recovery–hang in there!

  2. Lucienne Epp says

    After TKR, first 6 to 8 weeks, no pain when standing up from a sitting or lying position. (Was in a lying position 85% of the time, too much swelling). Now for 2 1/2 months , I cannot stand & walk,initially, as my leg does not want to take my weight. Pain, below the right side of my right operated knee. Was told, by surgeon, soft tissue problem. How do I prevent this or heal it? Now, my heals & bottom of the feet ache as I walk. Have been going to physio at the hospital 4 1/2 months & pool exercises for 4 months. What are the boundaries in exercises or walking? What should I be doing? Be specific.

  3. Pierre Godin says

    I see many places providing workers with special carpets because they work standing up all day. I have many friends who had to go for surgery and they are much better on average. I wish there would be more information on prevention. This seems to be quite painful all the time and people dedicating their lives to a company should be better informed about the long term effects of their working condition. At least there is the surgery to get them back on their feet thanks to dedicated doctors and surgeons.

  4. Bryan Williams says

    It has been my experience that proper patient education prior to surgery improves participation with the rehab program after surgery. Unfortunately, even though many hospitals and surgeons provide a degree of education, something seems to be lacking once the patient begins the rehab program. Many patients seem at a loss to know what to do once they return home from the procedure and have very little understanding of how long the recovery will actually take.
    Having access to this little book of yours will benefit prospective patients and should probably be memorized prior to the procedure!

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