The 99.8 Fever – What You Need to Know About Low Grade Fevers

The symptoms of illness are vast and various – from generalized weakness, to coughs and a runny nose. But even with a combination of these symptoms, many of us won’t assume sickness. It’s only when we develop a fever that acknowledging the presence of a viral or bacterial infection becomes undeniable.

But what happens if you develop a fever that isn’t quite as pronounced?

99.8 is a low grade fever.

Many will agree that a low grade fever is a difficult symptom to understand, simply because it doesn’t seem to warrant the same aggressive treatment that a full on fever requires. The usual question is whether to treat a low grade fever as is or to wait for a moderate fever to develop before trying anything.

So what’s the right course of treatment for something that doesn’t seem like such a cause for alarm? Find out everything you need to know about low grade fevers, what they mean, and what you can do about them with this detailed guide.

What is a Low Grade Fever?

There’s a bit of a gray area when it comes to assessing fevers. This comes from the fact that temperature can be taken from different parts of the body. Because of the slight variations in the readings you might collect among these different areas, what might be a fever in some sites might not be a fever in others.

To better explain this concept, I’ve put together a simple table to define the borders between fevers depending on where the temperature reading is taken:

Site Low Grade Fever Moderate Fever High Fever
Adult Child Adult Child Adult Child
Axillary 98.6-99.8 99.5-100.4 100.5-101.3 100.5-103.5 ≥101.2 ≥103.5
Temporal 99-100.4 99-100.4 100.4-101.3 100.5-103 ≥101.2 ≥103
Rectal 99-100.4 100-100.4 101.5-102.2 100.5-103 ≥102.2 ≥103
Oral 98.6-100.4 99.5-100.4 100.5-101.3 100.5-103.5 ≥101.2 ≥103.5
Ear 99-100.4 100-100.4 100.4-101.3 100.5-103 ≥101.2 ≥103.5

Keep in mind that when your child reaches the age of 36 months or three years, you should start using the adult fever readings as your basis for determining the presence of a fever. The values shown in the table for children’s fevers apply only to individuals less than three years of age.

Based on the chart above, a low grade fever is a temperature that’s between normal body temperature and a moderate fever. While it might not be as uncomfortable or as pronounced as a moderate or high fever, a low fever can be indicative of specific conditions and infections, giving you a signal as to what you should do about the subtle rise in body temperature.

What Typically Causes a Low Grade Fever?

To better understand how low grade fevers come about, it’s best to first understand what a fever is in general. Basically, a fever is an increase in body temperature, triggered by some sort of infection, illness, or disease. The rise in temperature helps kill off any foreign bodies in our system because certain types of bacteria and viruses can’t survive in warm environments.

In this light, we can assume that a low grade fever indicates the beginning of our system’s defense against potential threats. But what does it mean if a low grade fever never progresses into a moderate or high fever? More so, what does it mean when a low grade fever remains the same over an extended period of time?

Other Possible Causes of a Low Grade Fever

More often than not, a low grade fever indicates either a bacterial or viral infection. However, if your condition doesn’t resolve with OTCs or antibiotics, it’s possible that there’s something else causing the slight increase in temperature.

The second most likely cause for a persistent low grade fever in adults is a reaction to a medication. Some drugs are formulated to slightly increase a user’s body temperature as a side effect of its primary purpose. A common drug known to induce a fever is penicillin.

Strain and sprain have also been known to cause slight fevers. When a part of your body is overworked or injured, you may feel a slightly increased temperature over the affected area. This is your body’s attempt to repair the injury by encouraging more blood to flow through the involved region. Resolving the sprain or strain with rest, pain management medications, and modalities like hot and cold compress should resolve the fever as well.

While they’re not as common, there are a number of other, more serious causes for a prolonged low grade fever. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Arthritis
  • Vasculitis
  • Cancer
  • Acute hepatitis
  • Heat stroke
  • Immunization rejection
  • Stroke
  • Pulmonary embolism
  • Myocardial infarction

It’s important to keep in mind that a fever could indicate a variety of conditions – some easily resolved, and others more complicated and dangerous. With that, it’s ideal that you consult your trusted physician to get a solid diagnosis.

When Should You Worry About a Low Grade Fever?

Generally, a low grade fever shouldn’t be a cause for alarm especially if it’s not accompanied by any other symptoms. If this is the case for you, then simple steps like getting more rest, staying hydrated, and taking over-the-counter fever reducers should be more than enough to help resolve your situation. That said, you don’t need to wait for a low grade fever to develop into a moderate fever before you take action. In fact, doctors recommend that you act as soon as you detect the heightened temperature to help manage the symptoms earlier on.

However, if you’ve been experiencing a low grade fever for several days without resolve and it comes hand in hand with a variety of other symptoms, then it might be time to seek prompt medical care and consultation.

What symptoms should you keep an eye out for in combination with your low grade fever?

  • Chills
  • Generalized weakness
  • Vomiting
  • Bloody stool
  • Altered consciousness
  • Sore throat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Body pain
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Loss of appetite
  • Skin color changes
  • Rashes
  • Seizures

If your low grade fever comes in combination with one or a number of these symptoms, it’s strongly recommended that you seek professional medical advice as soon as possible. This is especially true if your fever doesn’t resolve with the use of OTC medications, and remains consistent over a period of 2-3 days.

Treating a Low Grade Fever

While a low grade fever might not be as uncomfortable as a moderate or high fever, it can cause reduced productivity and energy levels. Adding the fact that it could easily develop into a higher temperature later on, it’s ideal that you respond to a low fever before it gets out of hand. Fortunately, low fevers are fairly easy to treat especially if they’re caused by nothing more than a viral infection. In some cases, you might not even need to take medication as low fevers can be treated with simple changes in your lifestyle and level of activity.

Here are a few simple treatment methods you can use to address a low fever:

  • Avoid engaging in physically demanding activities.
  • Stay hydrated. Pumping your system with fluids during the wake of a fever can prevent a lot of complications associated with both viral and bacterial infections.
  • Take more vitamin C. This micronutrient has been known to help boost our immune system to combat common illnesses.
  • Try an OTC fever reducer. Medications like ibuprofen have been known to work wonders when it comes to reducing a temperature, and also provide the added benefit of pain management.
  • Eat healthy. Supply your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs to stay strong during an infection.
  • Avoid anything too sweet. Sugars can easily induce a sore throat when you have a fever.
  • Avoid exposing yourself to too much cold. Take quick, warm showers and make sure to dry yourself completely immediately after.

In Closing

A low fever might seem like a simple issue, but it does serve an important purpose when it comes to determining your current level of health and wellness. So when you start to detect an increase in your temperature, act fast! If your low grade fever persists despite treatment, then make sure to seek out the advice of a licensed medical professional to get a head start on proper treatment.


  1. It all started in May for me…it is now November. It started with fatigue and a heaviness in my chest that was hard to explain. Many times I would either get winded easily or feel like I just couldn’t take a deep enough breath. Getting a doctors appointment was frustrating because I had to be tested for Covid, quarantine until I got the results, then after it came back negative, I could schedule an appointment. It was a month and a half before I got into my doctor. During that time, the tingling in my arms, legs and sometimes my head started. The low grade fevers started too but they were so random and short lived I thought it was my ovulation cycle or something. Got referred to a Pulmonary doctor (again took forever to get in) and just at the end of October was finally told that everything checked out fine with only a mild case of sleep apnea detected…so they put me on a CPAP. I’m now trying to get into a cardiologist because NOTHING has changed.
    After reading all of these comments though…I am starting to wonder if there is something more to this than I thought. The tingling episodes have actually increased and make me feel like I’m about to pass out. My husband had to actually “rescue” me out of the shower just a week ago because I felt so disoriented and couldn’t get out by myself. The fever persists intermittently (always between 99.5-99.9). I am just so tired of feeling tired and that something is wrong…but it is so hard to articulate it to the doctors!

  2. Hello again. I posted October 18 and jumping on here again to please ask anyone that gets a diagnosis of any kind to please post what you found out! I realize that we may all have different health issues but at least it’s a start! Thanks very much!

  3. I’m dealing with this also. I’m so curious if this is a more common ailment recently. Did anyone get any answers?

  4. I have had a low grade fever for 8 days now. I start out the morning at a normal temp, hit up to 101.5 in the early afternoon, and then back down to a normal temp in the evening. I can be ice cold but my face feels like it’s burning. I also have fatigue. I am nauseated and have a low appetite but that could just be due to my gastroparesis. I did also just find a small lump in my breast. My doctor would only do a virtual appointment so the lump is on the back burner until I can be seen in person.

  5. Helen Blake says

    We know our bodies. My normal temp is 97.0 has been for most of my life. Now for 15 days it’s 99. In the morning I feel tired and sweaty. By four pm my head starts hurting, body aches then temp goes up. My covid test neg. I still can’t taste anything. I’ve been doing a LOT of reading. Covid or no Covid test. Sounds like we’re all could be dealing with a post infection inflammatory arthritis. If you are having severe pain in arms and wrist get to rheumatologist. Doctors on many sites are warning that covid can cause a type of arthritis that affects lining of arteries and depending upon where it can cause all kind of issues like daily low grade fevers and if specific test is not done to look at inside walls of arteries it can be missed. Severe headaches could suggest inflammation in arteries in upper cervical. Most dangerous is when it’s the arteries in heart. This is very treatable. Might want to see if you can get a referral to rheumatologist. Hope this helps someone.

  6. I got tested for Covid 2 weeks ago (result=negative) because of a low grade fever coming on during early evening hours almost daily. Also experiencing chills, some night sweats and headaches, both of which are “new” to me, along with frequent mild nausea and cramps – in left hand. and shoulder, and right leg and foot. symptoms continue.

  7. Crazy to think I am not alone.
    I’m on day 36 of “fever of unknown origin”. Day by day it’s been hard and exhausting not just physically but mentally. No leads or red flags have suggested a solid answer.
    I have never seen so many doctors, emergency rooms, and blood clinics in my entire life.

    Being a 28 year old go from always lively and energetic to downright fatigued and lifeless is taking a toll.

    My symptoms include;
    Neck pain (doctor initially thought meningitis)
    Sensitivity to light at times
    FEVER that will not break from the moment I wake up until bed. 99-101F Stress, any physical activity spike the temp.
    Petichae (blood red dots on body, not raised nor itchy)
    Random bruising and swelling on hands
    General feeling of unwell
    Sweating from underarms
    Light coloured stool at times that floats

    Tests given;
    4 negative covid swab
    Antibody test
    Vaginal and pelvic ultrasound
    Infectious disease/internist doctors
    Epstein Barr virus

    White blood cells are elevated and out of range as well as my total protein levels and neutrophils after my 8 rounds of blood work over the span of a month.

    Every doctor (I have 2 family physicians) infectious disease/ internal medicine and ER doctors/nurses say I’m a complicated case and that it is most likely due to blood production and or a bacterial infection… but where in my body?

    Currently waiting on a CT scan to be set up but due to covid, such a back log!

    It’s been a huge struggle to have the energy or drive to have normalcy in my life now.
    Monday is a white blood cell scan test which I’m hoping gives me some clarity as this test sticks to infection in the body.

    Has anyone had any answers?

  8. Faye Quinn says

    I have had a low grade fever off and on for several years. It does not seem to bother my doctor but it bothers me! I usually get extremely hot, have chills, body aches, and fatigue. It is interesting to see so many others have the same problem with no answers!! Wish someone had a solution!

  9. I’ve been reserching possible reasons for my persistent low grade fever and it looks like many others are experiencing very similar symptoms. I have had a fever of 99.3- 99.7 throughout the day. I have intense fatigue in the afternoons and my fever spikes to 100.1 – 100.4. The muscle aches come down through my neck into my shoulders making it hard to lift my arms if I push through a hard day (especially with no nap). This has been happening for three weeks now. I had one COVID test and it was negative. No other symptoms. I have decided to reduce my sugar and alcohol intake and stick to a strict bedtime schedule to see if I can kick it. No one has any answers (or seems to be concerned for that matter) because I am otherwise healthy. I have had some autoimmune rashes in the past which were solved with diet and lifestyle changes.

  10. I am so glad I found this website. It started with a rash for about 10 days, then throwing up for 2 days, and extreme nausea for the past 3 weeks. Tested for COVID-negative. I’m exhausted and tired and am running a 99.5 fever every evening. This is so coincidental that everyone is suffering the same symptoms. My daughter and husband had the stomach stuff for a few days, but they are better and I’m just struggling.

  11. This is crazy that so many people are dealing with this! I am a 37 year old pharmacist and for the past 3 months, I have had flushing and a low grade fever anywhere from 99.5 to 100 every afternoon, sometimes it only lasts for 45 minutes. Along with that, I have had severe fatigue, chills, loss of appetite, headaches, nausea, weakness, and I have had diarrhea for the past 9 months. Two weeks ago, I left work early and went to the ER because I now have numbness/tingling in my extremities, severe back pain, and weakness. I was admitted to the hospital so they could make sure I did not have Guillain Barre Syndrome. Luckily, I do not. My doctor seems to think it is MS, but my MRI from a few days ago was normal. I am on medical leave from work now. I just want to know what is causing this! I already have autoimmune diseases (type 1 diabetes, hashimotos thyroid disease) and positive ANA but that was all they could find when I went to a rheumatologist in April 2019. In the past 3 months, I have had normal blood tests, chest xrays, CT scan of head and neck, MRI of head and back, spinal tap, and nerve conduction study. I am now waiting to see a GI doctor so I can get a colonoscopy. I have a swollen lymph node in my neck but my doctor does not seem to be concerned about that at all. I dont know what else to do! I want to get better so I can go back to work!

  12. Ok guys. I’ve been running an unexplained fever for 5 years. It comes around 5 AM and will be 102 +. Freezing and shivering. I will take Aleve, asprin what ever and I’m good by 11 and I can function. Was happening twice a month. In the past couple months I now get a low grade fever every 3 or 4 days. 99.8, 99.6 too 100.2 I feel when it’s coming on. 3 different Dr.s and they have no logical explanation. I’ve been tested for COVD, twice, both negative, TB, lyme disease all negative. I feel like a freak! Now I’m feeling burning in my chest and I need an inhaler at times. I smoked for 50 years . Finally quit 3 years ago ou but use the Vuse vaping. It has nicotine in it. So I’m definitely starting to link all this together to lymphoma. When I dont have the fever I’m strong as a horse and feel fantastic. 5 years of an unexplained fever. There is definitely an underlying problem. Thus is definately real, I sympathize with all of you, but was glad to see others have these fevers. I’ve been searching for 5 years and can really find zero information. Good luck everyone.

  13. Govindappa B. Goudappagol says

    I have been getting low grade fever since July 2020. The fever will be around 99.5 after food at night and in the morning. During day it will usually normal. I also get mild chills sporadically. I am getting muscle pain. No headache, no loss of taste or smell , no loss of appetite. All tests are normal. I have developed tendonitis in the left leg for the last 8 months. I am taking zink, C, D and B1, B12 tablets regularly.

  14. Today is day 14 of my fever. 99 to 101 range. Worse at night, on a steady diet of Tylenol and Advil taking turns every 4 hours. Fever goes down, then spikes as drugs wear off. I sweat through 1 to 3 tee shirts a night. I’m tired, joints hurt, appetite is off. I had 2 Covid tests a week apart, both negative. Lyme blood work yesterday, waiting for results. I just sent a note similar to this, to my Doc, to see if I should start antibiotics right away, before lyme results come in. Sick of feeling sick. Looks like I have lots of Company!!

  15. My daughter just turned 14 months and has had a persistent low grade fever for 3 weeks now. Her rectal temperatures range from 98.X when she wakes and spikes up to 100.4~100.9. She has no other symptoms and seems to be eating and drinking normally.

    We’ve gone to our pediatrician and ER several times now and got negative results for UTI, blood work (inflammation), COVID, and chest X-ray (pneumonia). For a couple days, we thought she was starting to break the fever as her average temp began to lower a bit, but the last 3 days have started to spike up to 100.9 again.

    One interesting thing to note is that her temperature seems to change rather quickly. For example, this morning she measured 100.8/100.6. 45 minutes later she measured 99.5/99.1.

    We have been following the advice of our Pediatrician to wait it out as it may be a back to back virus, but at this point we are very worried that, 1. it is something more serious and 2. the effects a prolonged fever may have on such a young child. Any advice or insight anyone may have is greatly appreciated.

  16. Christine M Canida says

    I also have had low grade temp off and on especially in afternoon for like 2 years now, fatigue, headaches, and queeziness in stomach. Was seeing dr. for these symptoms, in the meantime 3 anyeurisms found in head. Two were coiled one clipped. Very lucky to be alive. Still i have the low grade temp, fatigue, headaches, stomach queeziness, no real answers. Seen heart dr., oncologist for lung screening,,,,,,maybe now on to other specialists. Was very surprised to hear so many people with these symptoms and no real answers.

  17. I ended up here after researching low grade fevers. I’ve had low grade fever off and on for months. I haven’t done any testing yet, but getting concerned. I have no other symptoms and generally feel ok. We’ve just been testing temps regularly due to covid and kids going to school, etc. so we got one of the easy infrared thermometers. I’ve been checking a couple of times a day and I almost always am elevated. I’m normally about 97.7 or so and lately I’m consistently 99.4-100.7 and one day I was over 102. I took a shower and checked again and it was down to normal. I don’t know what’s going on. Weird that so many have similar stories.

  18. I am so happy that I found this page. It’s so frustrating because my blood work came back normal. I’ve only been documenting a low grade fever since May 2020 but it was happening well before that time and continues today. I had a couple of months where it subsided a bit (August and September 2020). As many other have written, I do not have a fever in the morning, just the afternoon. And quite often it subsides after 9 or 10pm. It ranges from 99 to 100 but it’s typically 99.4 – 99.6. I also have a scratchy throat, headache and a general unwell / tired feeling.

  19. I have had a low grade fever, and sore throat along with fatigue, and nausea off and on since April. The doctor says it’s stress since they can’t find anything else 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ it’s very frustrating.

  20. Jessica Levy says

    It’s a little scary that so many people are complaining about the same thing. It would be fantastic if a medical professional looked into it, perhaps it’s a variation of COVID-19 that doesn’t show on the tests?
    Anyway, 38yo female. I’ve had a 99.5-100 fever for two weeks straight now. Tested negative for COVID-19 once. The only other symptom I have is extreme fatigue and muscle aches. I take Tylenol Arthritis to get by. It’s the strangest thing. My temp is actually below 99 when I wake up, but as soon as I start moving around it goes above 99.5 and stays there. If I leave the house and go out in the sun, or exert myself, it goes up to 100 but never above that.

  21. I’m surprised how many others are dealing with this. I’ve been having a persistent low-grade fever 99.0-100.6 for five weeks now. Normally I’m in the 97’s, so I definitely feel the fever. Headaches, fatigue, body aches, stiffness, painful lymph nodes. I’ve had it go away for a couple days and then it comes right back. COVID tested x2, both negative. Negative for Mono. CBC and Thyroid were normal. Next up is COVID antibody testing and Lymes.

  22. Pamela Comey says

    OMG I cannot believe I’ve been suffering with this same thing and now read 50 comments of all these people suffering the same problem I don’t believe it… my weakness and exhaustion like one said it’s beyond exhaustion the fevers the aches and pains everything exactly like all these comments.. I could have written ..are the same .
    I’m trying to boost my energy a little at a time I stopped all sugar as I was using sugar to help boost my energy I was so tired I couldn’t crawl on my hands and knees to the bathroom exhaustion beyond belief I have been on antibiotics it hasn’t changed anything so I started taking a teaspoon or two of unsulphured blackstrap molasses to help with my energy guess I’m going to go all natural again
    Thanks to all of you so much for sharing I needed that

  23. My little girl (8) tested positive for strep 3 weeks ago, took penicillin shot, took 5 days amoxicillin. Seems symptom free besides the persistent 99.3-100.3 fever during the day. Usually goes away at night. And slight tickle in throat.
    This makes 19 days straight of low grade fever. Notice lots a people with same thing, has anyone’s gone back to normal ?

  24. I have a fever now for almost 20 days.
    Mostly in late evenings. My chest X ray was normal. Took a sinus radiograph as I had terrible sinusitis kind of headache.
    My CRP was elevated around 50.
    Don’t know when will the fever go away.

  25. I can’t believe so many people have low grade fevers. I have been having it since June at which time they thought I had a sinus infection and put me on augmentin. But the low grade fever is back. I’m usually at 99.6 but occasionally higher and like many on here this fever occurs at night. I had another doctor’s appt about 2 weeks ago and she didn’t think this low grade fever was a concern at all. But it is accompanied with extreme fatigue and muscle aches and I feel so lazy. Really wish this would go away. Good luck to everyone and thanks for sharing your experiences.

  26. Has anyone got to the bottom of this, my friends 11 year old has had 99.7 everyday for 3 months, he has bad taste in mouth, not a great appetite and does feel nauseas with tummy ache throughout the day. Bloodwork normal, and doctors won’t do anything or investigate until it is 100.4, this is so weird.

  27. I had a low grade fever between 99-100 for weeks. It was only in the day and would come and go. I had fatigue and body aches on and off as well. All blood work came back normal until finally a nurse practitioner tested me for rocky mountain spotted fever. It was elevated. Doctor said it is more common than you would think. I live in the west (not colorado) on a prairie.

  28. I have had a low grade fever (99.3-100.7) every day since January 2020 (now September) when I had Covid (which began with hives). Infectious disease specialist has ruled everything out except COVID with both antibodies for Covid being positive in late August. Trying to reduce fever with Tylenol just to feel comfortable, but it’s not working.
    Please post if you have found any useful information — especially about pervasive low grade fever after having Covid.

  29. Add another. 59 Y.O. male, in the mid-atlantic region with persistent low-grade fever for a LONG time, also fatigue, body aches and some nausea. I have also had all of the tests – Covid-19, negative. On the anemic side of normal for crit, & hgb, high urine protein (30). Two weeks ago I had serious back/lower right abdominal pain, abdominal CT , negative.
    I’m sure my doctors are sick of my complaints, so I have decided to stop contacting them. Like Teresa, I am tired and depressed.

    I see many reports here of similar symptoms, but no answers.
    Truly baffling.

  30. Just wanted to chime in with my situation, as it is incredibly close to many of yours:

    Back in March I has a low grade fever (that spiked in the afternoon) for several weeks (starting right before Covid really took off). I had an abdominal scan that came back negative, and blood work that only showed elevated CRP. Got re-tested a few weeks later and the CRP was normal.

    But now here we go again: I have been spiking a low grade fever at some point after 11am for the past 4 days (anywhere from 99.5-101). It started at the end of last week with a GI issue, but no GI issues since then and no other symptoms at all (just fever and mild lethargy). On Sunday I had a Covid test that came back negative.

    I wake up fine every day, and then by late morning/early afternoon I need to take Advil. It’s really dragging me down. My doctor said to ride it out, as this could just be the after effects of the aforementioned GI issues from last week, but it shows no signs of getting better.

    I keep coming back to the fact that it seems to spike after being awake for a few hours. Any chance there’s a food thing going on, and my body is fighting a food allergy (which I’ve never had before)?

  31. I have also had a low grade fever for months no, since may. I also have abdominal pain, a dry cough that comes and goes. My fever is low in the morning, then increases in the afternoon. I have also had a soare throat and pain in my right ear and some headache.I haved done many blood tests, CT scan, ex-ray etc, but all comes back normal. I’m so frustrated. My GP suggests that I see I psycologist, but I don’t feel depressed, I am just so tired of having this ongoing feever and not knowing why!

  32. I had surgery 4/2019. Was discharged with a low grade only to be re-admitted 3 days later for sepsis and spent 16 days in the hospital. After that from about 4pm on I will run about 98.8-100 every night. My normal is 96-97. I sure wish I knew which direction to look in. Tired of feeling worn out all the time.

  33. I have low grade fever since 17th September (maximum temperature measured was 99.5) & that too in the evening only. My appetite is ok, i hv no cold, cough, sore throat. I feel slightly dull when fever is there. On 19th i did my HRCT Chest which was normal, than on 20th i did my RT-PCR & today i received the mail that it’s negative. Please suggest me what should i do.

  34. HI
    My dad is experiencing a low grade fever for the past one week in the night, after taking paracetamol fever goes off. he also got peas size cyst/lump filled with fluid in the shoulder which is bit pain full at times. yesterday he visited GP and was recommend to take antibiotics cefixime and ofloxacin for 5 days. Meanwhile yesterday night he was dehydrated after consuming lot liquid he become normal. this morning again he had mild fever. what could be the reason.

  35. Wow! I am literally like everyone in this thread! The past week I’ve had a fever ranging from 37-38.6 Celsius. Always at night. I only get chills and body aches with the fever along with a headache but seems to be nothing more. COVID rest all negative! Would love to know why this could be happening to us all

  36. I have been running a persistent low grade fever since mid- January, so eight months now. It started out with bronchitis on a Monday, for which I was prescribed a steroid. By Friday I had a sinus infection, too, so was started on an antibiotic. The following Monday I was having issues breathing and my doctor thought I had RSV. He did a breathing treatment in office, but thinking I needed additional plus IV steroids, he sent me straight to the ER. They did a chest xray, another breathing treatment, gave me strong steroid pills, and sent me home. I was prescribed a new inhaler and stronger antibiotics, also. A few days later, as I walked in my backyard with my husband and dogs, I started feeling weakness and tingling in my extremities, then the tingling was moving into my face and I started feeling as if I were going to pass out as I walked inside to sit down. One of our dogs jumped up on my lap and stared in my face and growled lowly. He’d never done that before. I downplayed it as if something were up with him, but I knew he sensed something was wrong with me. I told my husband later.
    This continued happening at a faster pace anytime I did anything strenuous, or while eating (I lost 15 lbs), or talking. I even passed out while on the phone with two different doctor offices in one day. One sent an officer to do a welfare check, the other sent an ambulance when I started slurring my words even though I told them not to. It was another wasted trip and expense, because they kept asking me if I had “anxiety issues”. I told them I never had. It turned out that it was the all of the steroids I had been given had caused “medical anxiety”. Once I stopped the steroids and waited a couple weeks, that all stopped.
    But that did not explain why I still had a fever months later, plus the fatigue, the general weakness that sometimes was so bad right as soon as I got out of bed that I could hardly move my feet to take a step. Other days, I’d be pretty good for most of the day. Or why my eyes were swollen (the ophthalmologist said that until they figure out what is going on inside my body, my eyes will be will like this. They are just reacting to it). Or why I got hoarse for awhile and have a hard time swallowing sometimes. Or why there’s a pain in the middle of my chest. Or why I feel like my legs and arms weigh ten tons, or I am walking through quicksand sometimes, and it lasts for only minutes some days, and entire days other times. Or why some times I stop breathing without realizing it when I’m in deep thought, like watching a movie or cooking, and then find myself gasping for air, similar to my sleep apnea.
    I have been seen by my PCP, an internal medicine doctor, a cardiologist (actually two, since my heart skips beats), a pulmonologist, a neurologist, my immunologist, an endocrinologist, and other. I have had so many lab tests done including Lyme, Covid, and the Covid antibody testing, immunoglobulin testing, brain, chest and abdominal MRI’s, stress test, endoscopy with Bravo, and they have found little things that they have addressed, but nothing that would explain my symptoms. All of the doctors I have seen have given me the same advice: See a rheumatologist. They all now say it has to be an autoimmune disorder. So now I am waiting for that appointment that isn’t until January, a whole year after I got sick. There have been so many that have retired in my area, that appointments are hard to get, unfortunately. I normally am a pretty upbeat person, but I could just cry right now. Today is a really bad for me. I already have RSD. And recently my vertigo started acting up and the RSD, too, and then yesterday and today this who knows what has me unable to do anything but sit around. Just typing this has taken forever. And nobody understands because they can’t see it. Just like the RSD.

  37. I am a 51 y.o. woman and had a low-grade fever (99-101) and debilitating fatigue that kept me in bed for a month and a half, from July to mid-August. I think the whole thing started with an episode of the runs that we thought was food poisoning — my kids experienced it as well, but that night we’d had the same food as several friends and the friends were all fine. The kids recovered right after but then I had the fever and fatigue. Literally stayed in bed the whole 1.5 months and couldn’t motivate myself or focus enough to do anything except maybe answer one or two emails a day and sleep. (I did catch up on a lot of shows though. :)) No other symptoms and had been otherwise completely healthy and energetic. This site was the most helpful one I found at the time because there were so many other people posting similar symptoms, which is especially helpful when no one else knows what to do with you, or sometimes even believes you. I am better now (can finally do my job again, but still crash abnormally hard at the end of each week), but wanted to relate a few things that might be helpful. 1) People are now recognizing something they call long-haul covid, and there is a support group for it. You can look it up on Google, and Ed Yong has two articles in the Atlantic about it. Although this can include people who first had more typical covid-19 symptoms, there are definitely many others who just have GI issues, chronic low-grade fever and/or fatigue, test negative for everything (most notably Covid-19), and have to deal with Dr.’s who don’t give them the time of day because their symptoms don’t look like something familiar. (My doctor actually reprimanded me multiple times for not giving her any more “specific” symptoms than fever and fatigue. Obviously I’m not going back to her ever again!) 2) I did initially have a slightly low platelet count so I was put on (= I asked for) doxycycline for 10 days in case it was a tick-borne illness. I did seem to be better at the end of it, but that could have been a coincidence as well, as it was at the end of the 1.5 months and I’d been slowly (very slowly) regaining some energy by then anyway.

    So, while I can’t rule out some kind of bacterial infection (and it might be worth trying a course of doxycycline if you live in an area with ticks), my theory is that I had this more atypical (but still long-lasting) manifestation of Covid-19, and that the tests administered (mine was just the briefest nose swab) are not necessarily sensitive enough to catch everyone who is infected. In fact, it makes sense that I wouldn’t have had much virus in my nose since I had no respiratory issues. I also think the dates of the majority of comments on this site are pretty striking — the site was created prior to the pandemic, but most of the posts are from during or shortly before we knew about the pandemic. My last piece of circumstantial evidence is that *two* other people I know indirectly from work had the same symptoms this summer (initial GI issues, persistent low fever, fatigue). One is better now; she also had doxycycline, but she’s also in her 20’s. The other is in his 40’s, got vit B shots, but it seems like he still experiences fatigue once they wear off. So maybe we had a separate tick-borne pandemic in this area on top of the covid pandemic, or maybe we just got covid (in spite of all being very careful) during the covid pandemic! Likely I will never know but I hope with more recognition that these symptoms are currently not so uncommon (and seriously debilitating, even if not life-threatening), people suffering from these symptoms won’t have to feel so alone, dismissed, or hopeless.
    I apologize for the long post but just wanted to put as much info out there in case anything proves helpful!

  38. I cannot believe all the people who have been going thru very similar circumstances as me! What is going on?

    It is September 1st. I’ve been in quarantine for 16 days. I tested negative twice for COVID but my doctor is convinced I have it due to my symptoms; my first symptoms were low grade fevers for a few days. I was hot all the time and then the sudden shortness of breath and a terrible all over headache that lasted over a week. No pain medicine could touch this headache. Also, dry cough, body aches, fatigue, sinus congestion, stomach pain, more headaches and sleepless nights.

    The low grade fevers are 99-100.3. I feel bad and run down. The Dr. wanted me to get a 3rd COVID test but I refused because she said it wouldn’t change my outcome – I would still need to stay quarantined until I was better.

    The problem is, I’m not getting any better so far. I feel some better for part of the day and then I am back down again, sleeping a lot. I have Autoimmune type 1 diabetes (20 years and managed well) and I am now unable to control my blood sugars during this time! It’s a roller coaster ride and it’s not pleasant. I live with my elderly Mom so I don’t want to risk coming out of quarantine too soon if I am contagious. I am so hot!No have fans blowing on me. And I am usually wearing sweaters inside the house during summertime.

    I wonder how we will get some answers to this mystery? Does anyone know what’s going on? I think we should start a group chat or page or something? Any ideas for the techno savvy? Maybe a Facebook page?

  39. Barbara Santarelli says

    Same symptoms 17 days low grade evening fever. Unbelievable migraine first 6 days of drive 3 L.Ps 2 chest rays 7 negative Covid tests cultures for every known tic borne disease .Unbelievable lethargy. Unable to sleep have seen Infectious disease primary care Neuroligy. And at wits end. I am a usually healthy and energetic 71 year old registered nurse. Next step is a major NYC teaching hospital and immunology. The timing with Covid is bizarre. Something going on

  40. I started noticing my low grade fevers around 2 years ago. I never took it too seriously, but I assumed that it was stress-related. I would feel overwhelmed, so my face would feel flushed and hot, and then I would take my temperature. It would be anywhere between 99.5-100.5 degrees. I got into the habit of checking my temperature whenever I felt overly stressed, and I would always have a low-grade fever. But if I check my temperature after I wake up, or when I feel fine, it’s around 98.7 which was my regular temperature.

    Not sure if there are associated symptoms with it. I do feel lethargic, but I’ve felt lethargic even before I noticed the low-grade fevers. Recently, within the last year or so, I’ve been having body aches and stiffness in my neck and back, but that could just be attributed to my lack of exercise for the last few years and possible stress.

    I’m not really sure which doctor to visit. In the meantime though, I’ve decided I wanted to try making some healthier lifestyle changes to see if it improves anything. Supplements, exercise, and actual, proper sleep. I heard kale and acai are supposedly beneficial in relieving stress. Even if it doesn’t stop the fevers, it’ll at least benefit me in some other ways.

  41. I couldn’t believe it when I saw all you people experiencing the same symptoms & problems I was!! Since Jun 12 (77 straight days) I’ve woken w/a temp of about 96.7-97.5. Many people have a lower normal temp as they age. I’m 59. Within an hour I’m at 99.2 or higher. Then it’s 4 to 5 fevers through the day and into the night. Like clockwork, every day. Same is true of Night Sweats, Chills, Fatigue that varies from mild to bedridden. Doc thought it was Covid. So far, 3 negative tests, but I lived with someone at the time who had Covid, so I probably had it to. And that is the problem. My doc is fixated on the possibility that “Long Haulers” can have symptoms for more than a few months. Maybe this is just that. A long lasting symptom. I suggest to all here reading this to do something similar to what I did. I’ve been in the medical field for over 25 years. I know too many Drs. who unfortunately are stalling on symptoms during Covid. I made a phone conference appointment and told him I wanted better answers. I know a lot of the science behind diseases and knew what tests I needed to rule in or out conditions that can cause Persistent Low-Grade Fever. The 1st you want is a full blood work-up. This will let you and the Dr. know the condition your blood is in. It tells the doc if you have too many red or white blood cells, the amount of Hemoglobin (carries oxygen), Immunoglobulins (3 major types, IgM, IgG, and IgA. They are antibodies that fight infections) and so much more. This test can help to either rule in or out the possibility of either Leukemia or Lymphoma. This is not to alarm you. The vast majority of low-grade fevers come from infections of Viruses and Bacteria. This test will also give the doc an idea if you have an infection. But when you have that fever every single day for 9 weeks, it becomes less likely. The other test is a blood culture test. This will allow the lab to see if your blood has an infection and the ability to identify that infection. If these tests do not show any cause for your condition, then you need to take the next step. Go to an Immunologist. They advertise themselves as Rheumatologists. This doc will test you to see if there is a defect in your immune system. Your body may not fight certain viruses, and you will have indicators in these tests that will show if you have immune problems. Lupus, MS, RA and so many others are caused by defects in our genes. The good news is today we are light years ahead than we were 10-15 years ago. There are so many different treatment options that can keep a lot of these Immune disorders at bay. I wish you all the best health.

  42. Thank you all for posting. lt’s day 3 of 99.8 in the evening accompanied with exhaustion. My normal is 97.3 – 97.7 I don’t have any other symptoms.

  43. I’ve had a low grade fever daily since May 15th, maybe even earlier but I didn’t take my temperature before. Every day it goes up to about 100 in the afternoon, in the evening it gets lower. After a half-hour walk it’s up to just above 101. No cause is found so far. I’m from the Netherlands and here it wasn’t possible to get tested for COVID-19 with only mild symptoms until the first of June. I got tested the first of June, negative. But the test may have been to late. Next week I will be tested for antibodies. A small research by the Dutch blood bank recently showed that from people who had antibodies, only about 50% thought they had experienced COVID-19. So apparently it is entirely possible to have had COVID-19 without being aware. I hope we all get better soon!

  44. Wow this is insane, I have been sick since March, moving chest pain and trouble breathing, no energy, could literally check every box on the covid test, even had 3 drs tell me i had it but tested negative and had no fever at the time. Had numerous heart tests all showing my heart is fine. Last week I had a moderate fever 101.5 with severe joint pain for 3 days. Again tested for covid and negative. It has been 9 or 10 days and like clock work i get the fuzzys in my head (kind of like withdrawal from a medication) confusion, continuous headache like a migraine without the light sensitivity and cant shake the fever. Just came across this, sure seems like something else going on out there, like maybe a strain of the virus that the test does not catch. Would hate to think spreading this but no one else seems to have it

  45. In the past few months i get cycles of low grade (99.5-100) fevers/body aches/neck soreness/fatigue/stuffy nose that last a few days & repeat every month or so. Currently in a cycle – been negative for covid each time. Very frustrating

  46. Update: Second set of blood cultures negative. TB negative. Awaiting the Western Blot for Lymes (negative for the initial Lymes test). CT of chest, abdomen, and pelvis all negative. ECHO cardiogram scheduled in a few days. Infectious disease MD said maybe next do a Gallium scan to look for hidden infection

  47. I have had multiple symptoms four hospitals haven’t pinpointed for even tested for covid on me. My symptoms started nine days ago, passed out for three days couldn’t stay awake then left side of face went numb after. I started losing memory and some function then I had diarrhea for one day, was found passed out mid into this taken to hospital by ambulance. Thought heart attack still having symptoms of severe pain and pressure on chest and now watery mouth and eyes and fever Bouncing up and down. I feel good for some time but back down again. I’m seeing a lot of the same symptoms in women don’t know what’s going on.

  48. Hello! Since there were some people who asked for updates from us (a fact which is perfectly understandable), I would like to make an update to my comment posted here in July. My low grade fever from March disappeared three weeks ago as mysteriously as it appeared. It has allready happened once in July and it lasted only 2 weeks so I’m kind of expecting it to return. 🙂 My GP’s advice was to quit worrying, to stop taking my temperature (I take it only once a week or when I have hot flashes which I did have a lot) and to drink plenty of fluids. I spoke also with a pneumologist dealing with Covid and she told me that patients with Covid generally experience high fever and temperature fluctuates on a daily basis (depending on a variety of circumstances). She also said that low grade fever starts around 37,5 Celsius. So I expect my low grade fever (or what it is) to come back but I’m no longer as anxious as I used to be. I’ll have a new medical check in September so if I have news worth mentioning I will share it with you. Stay healthy all of you and God bless you!

  49. I have had low fever (37 C-37.4 C) for 40 days. I was tested positive with COVID 19 and i recovered and had a negative result but my fever is still fluctuating after the morning. I have done all the exams (blood test, x ray, urine, lung scanner) and everything was fine. The doctors are just says to rest drink as much as I can and hopefully I will get back to normal soon. I am very worried and some days I just don’t measure the fever at all. Hope all the best for you.

  50. Okay this is just so bazaar!! I too am running a 99.5 to 99.6 my WHOLE life (47years old) my temp has always run lower. 97.something.. This needs to be looked into FOR SURE i wonder world wide or even just in the U.S how many people are dealing with this. Its a bit worrisome

  51. So glad to find this page, and find others going through the same condition. I am 50 days+ into experiencing Covid-like symptoms (fatigue, aches, sore throat, heated agitated feeling, both forearms tingling, occasional nausea dizziness diarrhea, nightsweats, etc) and low grade fevers (99.0-101). But I have had 4 negative Covid swabs and recently tested negative for Covid antibodies. Blood work, cultures and other diseases (HIV, mono, and others etc.) are all negative or within range (except lymphocytes). Dealing with major dental work so related dental infections are definite factor here. Agree with other posts here that the stress and anxiety caused by our conditions is not helping matters. Doing my best to manage my feelings from stress and anxiety. Hoping everyone gets answers to their conditions and feels better soon!

  52. I have recovered from Covid 19 by the Grace of God. I was Covid 19 positive in mid of June and recovered from it by mid of July.
    Every evening my mouth taste gets sour and I get a fever between 99.8 to 100. The temperature goes away on its own by mid night. I’m not physically exhausting myself so it can’t be that I get tired by day end.
    I’m so confused.

  53. I started checking my temperature daily once quarantine started in March. I was staying with my parents who are both in their 60s, and I wanted to make sure I was being especially careful for them. I wasn’t taking it consistently at a specific time of day, but I would usually take it multiple times a day. My temperature fluctuated between 97.6-100.4 seemingly at random. I was using a temporal thermometer, and I made sure I was using it correctly. Both of my parents temperatures were much more consistent, usually around 97.4-98.9. I don’t know if I have any other symptoms related to the temperature because I’ve had issues related to fatigue, weakness, stomach aches, headaches, muscle aches, chest pain, skin rashes, etc. for my entire life. Doctors have consistently told me they believe most of it is caused by my mental health conditions or that they truly just don’t know the cause. I’ve never regularly taken my temperature before this, so I don’t actually know when this may have started. I moved out of my parents house in May, and I stopped regularly taking my temperature then until recently. It seems to be high less often, but I haven’t been taking it in the evening like before which I saw a lot of you mention in these comments. In my location, I was told not to get tested for COVID unless I had a fever of 100.7 or higher as well as other common symptoms due to test shortages. Frankly, I haven’t had any other tests run on this because every time I’ve had a problem like this (the physical symptoms I listed previously), the doctors always charge me a ton of money, and then do absolutely nothing to help me at all. That’s why I was searching for information online about specific causes to see if there is anything I should get tested for.

  54. I have been having low grade fever (99 – 101) from last three weeks now. Had 2 courses of antibiotics. Fever comes in the evening around 5pm, upon waking in the morning no fever till evening. I had chest X-ray blood test (rbc, wbc, platelet, Hb)
    urine test, everything came back normal. Covid test is negative. I have another doctor visit planned for tomorrow.
    Maddy, elva, MM your symptoms looks similar to mine. Could you please update on your case. Thanks

  55. Rebel Jean says

    I have been running a low grade fever 99-100.4 since mid March. Like many have said, it will go away for some number of days (3-10) and then come back. Right now, I’m having the longest run of the whole 5 mos – 18 days. Almost always accompanied by headache and soar throat. Also get a stiff neck sometimes.

    I also know 3 other people with these symptoms (all female).

    This HAS to have something to do with COVID, right? I’m so relieved to see a number of ppl sharing these symptoms.

  56. I’ve had a low grade fever and fatigue since 6/15. My temperature is normal, 97.5, in the morning and gets as high as 100.8 in the evenings. My temperature goes up with mild exertion.

    I’ve had bloodwork for EBV, Lyme, ANA, CRP, ESR, evaluation for endocarditis (waiting on results), etc. Covid negative times 5. Same problem going anywhere because of temperature.

    The Lyme test was positive initially, two IgM bands, but now negative per CDC criteria with 3 IgG and 1 IgM band.

    Interesting that so many people are having this fever during this COVID thing.

    I’m thinking maybe CMV? Running out of ideas.

  57. I have had low grade fever 99.8+ for over 2 weeks. Dr. won’t see me unless I take a Covid19 test first.
    So if no test taking, no medical appointment. So frustrating.

  58. Has anyone been able to figure this out? I’ve had a fever hovering at 99 for 16 days.

    hope you’re all starting to feel better.

  59. Helen Johnson says

    Wow!! Most of these comments are the same things that I am experiencing from the symptoms to the testing. My blood work was abnormal twice (low blood) then normal the third time. Released to return to work finally but I still have a cardiologist appointment due to an irregular heart beat that was discovered during my second Drs visit for a low grade temp. Sending me to an infectious disease Dr and talking about a hematologist also. Chest X ray was clear, all of the following test were negative: strep, upper respiratory, 2 Covid, and flu. Temp has been abnormal for over 3 weeks now. A relative suggested that I take my temp once daily at the exact same time for 7 days and stated that if it’s different each day that it could possibly be my thyroid and to seek help for that. I will be thinking of each person posting their issues and praying for answers. I do not like this kind of mystery.

  60. I am like everyone else on this site. I have had a low grade fever for 10 days and it is not going away. I tested negative for corona and negative for everything else. I have been drinking plenty of liquids lately and testing my temperature a lot and it says “99°F-100.4°F” every time I take my temperature. I would like to know what is going on too.

  61. I have a low grade fever only every evening. As the evening comes about I start to have dreadful fatigue, all over aches and occasionally, raynauds on my fingers…….two fingers of each hand turn blue for an hour or two. I have been referred to a Rheumatologist as rheumatoid arthritis suspected. We’ll see what the diagnosis is.

  62. I have found sometimes I get flu like symptoms when I am very tired, and so does my adult daughter. That can include low grade fever. I have read a number of these complaints that are minus reports of sleep times. Lack of adequate sleep can cause a myriad of health issues.
    I came to this page because I am having low grade fever (around 100) at the end of my sleep cycle. I had mild Covid19 in March lasting about 2 and a half weeks, and a flu shot last year. Can this be an immunological response to being exposed again?

  63. Vikas Sharma says

    All having almost same problem of fever. If anyone is without fever and got out from this situation then please post here about your treatment.

  64. Low grade temp for a month. No other symptoms. Did any of you ever get any answers?

  65. Has anyone on this thread ever found an answer to the persistent low grade fever? I have had 99+ for several weeks and zero symptoms. No aches, no pains, no fatigue, no GI issues. Nothing. Blood cultures negative, Lyme negative, CBC normal.

  66. Interesting to see a lot of these comments pop up since April and more than a few say their fever has been around since March or April, and persisting now into the summer. I’m dealing with mine going on two weeks, and only experiencing a mild to moderate headache in conjunction that comes and goes. I run low normally, about 97.2-97.5, and almost 2 weeks ago started feeling nauseated so I checked it then. Regular cool 97.2.

    Mild nausea continued for 3 days, then the headache kicked in with a 99.3 fever. I get hormonal migraines every 10-14 days, and it was right on time so I chalked it up to cycle/perimenopausal weirdness. Had some mild diarrhea, but nausea passed entirely when the headache set in, and thought a stomach virus was passing. I can have GI symptoms from hormonal changes too. Continued through the weekend with nagging but not migraine strength headache off and on and temp bouncing between 98.8 and 99.5. Hurricane/TS Isias hit the east coast earlier this week, and I also get sinus headaches in response to barometric changes and allergies so I kept trying to write it off.

    End of the week with no hormones or other storms to blame and still mid-99ish with steady mild to moderate headache. No cough, congestion, trouble breathing, aches, other pain, or systemic symptoms to speak of, though I take meds for early onset OA, degenerative disc disease, and pending-diagnosis rheumatic condition, possibly EDS or AS,

    I had about 5 days of another low grade fever with headache and general malaise back in late April or May sometime I believe, but that one passed and felt more like an actual fever with chills and sweating and such – still no other symptoms beyond fever and headache.

    Could this be some sort of atypical/NOS or autoimmune response to COVID or some mutation that’s not showing up on the PCR tests? Seems odd this article got more attention around the same time that hit too (granted we’re all more paranoid about health right now and some have far more time to worry about it).

  67. Thomas Marcotte says

    Hi Lilah, I hope the symptoms have resolved by now. I would have put the immunologist through the wringer in trying to diagnose any type of immunodeficiency or compromise. I’ve had mild 99-101+ fevers about 4 times a day for the past 8 weeks. I was diagnosed with Common Immune Deficiency Syndrome (CIDS) some years ago. This disorder is when the body doesn’t make enough of what are called Immunoglobulins. I am pretty sure this is my body’s reaction to the Covid-19 infection I had. Only 2 symptoms from the start. Fever and body aches/chills. CIDS can be treated to a point with Blood Serum infusions once a month. Make sure he was checked. And there are so many other immune disorders being discovered sooner due to Human DNA mapping. There are a good number of immunologists who believe the rate of Immunological Disorders is a lot higher than what the community of Immunology Thought Leader Specialists estimate. If you live near a teaching hospital you will find some very good specialists there. If your husband ever decides to look more into this make an appointment with an Immunologist you have researched as well as possible. Best wishes.

  68. Anyone who hasn’t seen an immunologist and has persistent low grade fever needs to go immediately. They can be autoimmune related which gp and most specialists do not run testing for. I have had a persistent fever of “unknown origin” for years. Finally getting answers with an immunologist. Who I went to of my own accord, almost accidentally (I thought his office was an ENT). I went through the whole gamut o er the years of CTs, white blood cell scab, ENT, infectious disease specialist

  69. Sir i have low grade fever 99-99.8f
    For four years without any symptoms and my body do not show any illness or fatigue even at 100f . So what is problem with me sir
    Plz reply….

  70. I have had a low grade fever from February till now never got tested for covid 19 and I try everything but the fever remains am so frustrated

  71. Wow, so many with same symptoms! Low grade fever here within 99 range. WBC normal, chest X-ray normal, thyroid normal too. All of this since beginning of May.
    Strange thing is lymph nodes swollen. Is this what happens with all Of you too? Any answers for anyone?

  72. What the hell is going on? I could have written any of the comments above! I have tested negative 3 times for covid, been continuously running a 99-100.5 temp, mostly in the late afternoon and evenings, since March 2020. I check with an oral and a tempanic thermometer, for better accuracy. I’ve seen my primary care doc and also an ENT, been on multiple rounds of antibiotics and prednisone. Other symptoms include intense fatigue, headaches, sinus pressure and pain (that has not resolved with medication), body aches and pain. My office won’t let me come back while running a fever, nor does either doctor want to release me back to work. I’ve had bloodwork, chest X-ray, antibody testing (waiting for those results now), and scheduled for a CT scan of my sinuses. I don’t know what to do 🙁 tired of feeling ill.

  73. Tina Marquardt says

    I’m shocked to see so many people with similar stories! 37 yr old single mom of 2 here. Reg temp 97.6. Has been 99.1 to 99.9 since May 26. I finally went in to the doctor after the fatigue is just too much. I had a really good visit. All labs came back normal. Except he tested me for Mono & Parvo. Both coming back extremely high in antiboties. Seeming to the doctor that I have had both recently. I wear a mask everywhere. Wash my hands like crazy and haven’t been with in 6 ft of anyone for months (other than the toddler). Curious if it could be a virus that shows up as these two. Idk i’m at a loss..I feel horrid. My stress level is pretty ridiculous to be perfectly honest. Teen (we don’t share drinks) & toddler working from home and home school are bad enough but add exhaustion and I feel defeated. Any insight would be welcome.

  74. Sunil Kumar Goyal says

    My Daughter age 9yrs, having low grade fever from last 3 weeks now, she is having no symotoms other than 98.6 to 100.4 f fever.. Usually normal 98.0 in the morning till 11.00am and start rising till 2.00 p.m and than gradually down to 98.9f..
    Montox test also done, report awaiting.

    Pls suggest, should I go for more investigations.. Or she will be alright herself.. May be it can be “Drug Fever”… As she took Antibiotics for more than 10 days.. With no effect.

  75. bhanuchandra says

    Hmm looks like many cases same like me , me too feeling low fever daily in the evening and by morning it is all normal , from April end still gng on . even i did all kinds of tests related to blood, liver, chest-xray all looks like normal. Why no doctor is able to find the reason why is this happening…

  76. Oh my goodness it’s crazy there are so many people feeling the same way as me! I’m 28 and pretty healthy but I’ve had a low grade fever 99-100.1 for a little over two weeks now. In the morning it’s normal and then by 5 pm or so it’s right back up. I don’t necessarily feel bad but I feel like this can’t be normal?

  77. Mrs Humayun says

    I m also having low grade fever. I feel too much fatigue and pain in my body. I m very panic with this fever. After reading comments of lots of ppl i m feeling strenght that i m not alone so many ppl are like me. Get well soon and pray for me as well.

  78. Pooja Anand says

    My daughter has fever and its about 2 weeks now that her low grade fever is not subsiding. She has no other symptoms apart from fever and we are giving her Paracetamol as well for her low grade fever. We have tested for COVID, Typhoid, Malaria and Dengue as well but all her tests are negative. Is there anything I need to bother?

  79. Susan Bullock says

    This description of low grade fever for weeks and months is Covid. The PCR tests have only 70% reliability due largely to timing. Too early can after symptoms can be negative. Too late can be negative (virus moves from sinus to other parts of body, often the respiratory tract, so that a nasal swab will not detect virus. This info is straight from an infectious diseases doctor I know who seems many Covid patients every day. She told me the following symptoms are consistent with Covid: persistent, fluctuating low grade fever and body aches, especially where you feel ok during the day and worse in late afternoon. Slight dry cough. Slight sore throat. But the red flag is the persistent fluctuating fever. This is sufficient to treat as Covid without a positive test. 5:00 has been the hour it goes from 98.5 to a range of 99.5-100.2 for the past 15 days. Slight cough but almost not noticeable. The mild cough (almost like a tickle in throat) and slight scratchy throat hit with the daily fever spike (that either disappears before bed or during the night). Mild to moderate Covid is generally supposed to get worse or better at least by day 9-11. But it has continued. They do not know how this virus affects everyone. If this is happening to you, you need to watch for worsening symptoms, especially shortness of breath. Find an ID doc to monitor your symptoms. Take care.

  80. I’m glad to have found this page, I thought I was the only one suffering from strange low-grade fever for months, with no explanation at all. It started in April 2020 with a persistent 99.1 (37,1-37,2 Celsius) and it still goes on with ups and downs (98 – 98,9). All my bloods tests were really ok (except for a vitamin D deficiency). My O2 saturation is ok. I feel ok. 🙂 I do not cough, I am full of energy, I eat healthy food. I’ll be very interested to find a clue about what is happening, since this seems to go all over the world (I’m from Europe). I’m a bit concerned myself about my job (I’m also a teacher) but it seems absurd that one should lose his or her job just for a low-grade fever which isn’t probably a fever but an elevated body temperature (possibly due to all this stress linked to covid-19). Stay healthy all of you!

  81. Shane conn says

    I’ve had a fever for 15 days now, Intermittently. All CBC ,cmp, chest xray, blood culture, urinalysis, flu a and b, strep, covid19 4 times.. all within normal range or negative… I have a 6 month old that I havent got to see in 2 weeks because I didnt want to get him sick.. idk what to do or the next step to tale

  82. I have also had low grade fevers since around March. One day last week I spiked up to 102 and had shaking chills but that’s gone and am back down to 99-100. Sometimes, especially in morning it’s down to 98.5. Had blood work recently with nothing abnormal. Have had 2 covid tests, both negative. I’m thinking I might have had Covid at some point and this is just a lingering viral thing? I don’t know, I guess I should go back to doctor to have further checked out? Mostly I feel ok but very frustrating.

  83. I’m here after reading loads of comments. It’s scary how similar our symptoms are. Constant low grade fever every night since Feb 2019, headaches behind the ear, achy body and sweats chills. I’ve been through all sorts of tests and scans. Every single doctor says I’m a healthy young person at age 27. They say I’m thinking too much?? Had to quit my job thinking it was due to stress. But even after 3 months of just relaxing at home my symptoms has not gone away. I don’t understand this honestly.

  84. My 19 year old daughter has also been having low grade fevers in the later afternoon and evening. It runs between 99 and 100 and she becomes extremely fatigued. In the morning and afternoon she seems okay. Running lots of tests now.

  85. I have had fever low grade fever 99.4-100,5 for the past 3 months i have fever during the night by morning its gone , i also have weakness lethargy and a general feeling of being unwell. My CT Scan chest abdomen pelvis and ultralsound show no abnormality. I am anemic (hemoglobin 10 ) I have thallasemia minor trait all my blood work shows a high ESR and Red blood cells that are small in size . but thats no big deal i have been anemic all my life and my ESR too has always been elevated but i have never had this malaise or fever before now. I was wondering does anyone of you have high ESR or Anemia???

  86. Chrystal says

    I have felt exhausted the past 2 weeks. Thought I would check my temperature yesturday and it is low grade ranging from 99.4-99.9. I am guessing that’s why I feel so tired. I had a headache this morning bit it has went away. I am 39 yo and usually have energy to be productive, but not with this. I tested negative for COVID on 7/6/20. It was for my job, we were all asked to be tested were I work at a nursing home. I hope you all get to feeling better and we can get back to feeling like ourselves. God bless❤

  87. I’m a 29 y/o female and have had daily low grade fevers (99.5-100.5) for 6 months now. Came on suddenly at the end of January and I’ve been dealing with fatigue, rashes, knee pain, GI problems, and a few instances of petechiae. My fever usually appears within 90 minutes/2 hours of being awake, peaks in the afternoon, and usually begins to decline in the evening, returning to normal at bedtime or while I sleep.
    I have seen specialists in infectious disease, rheumatology, and hematology/oncology. Labs are mostly normal or inconclusive. I was borderline positive for dengue fever, but my symptoms don’t match at all. Seems to be a fluke. CT scans of chest and abdomen/pelvis were normal back in February, as well. I was very healthy, fit, and active prior to this, so it’s been challenging dealing with this Fever of Unknown Origin diagnosis.
    Next step for me is seeing an immunologist to evaluate whether I have a Primary Immunodeficiency Disorder. Another step I’m evaluating with my doctor is doing a PET scan – supposedly these have become a helpful piece of the FUO workup. For those struggling for months without answers, might be worth exploring.

  88. I am in the same boat and have been for two weeks now and no answers.

  89. I am so glad I found this site! I started with an all over itchy body rash the end of May and was on 2 courses of steroids, allergy meds, creams and of course, fevers. Covid titer, Covid test(boy that was fun) are negative but my fevers are still running between 99.6-101.4. I am able to work from home but now that we are open, I miss my co workers and can’t go back until I see what the infectious disease doctor on Wed. I am nervous that it is something and again nervous if they find nothing. My temps start out below 98.6 in the am and rise throughtout the day. Like everyone here, I have no idea what this means and have done a couple hours of research. Has anyone gotten a diagnosis yet?

  90. I have had low grade fever for more than 1 year.. turns out I have Lyme disease. Have now been undergoing treatment for 10 months but still have fever so I am doing more research to be sure there is not another cause.

    If you are in the same boat, please look into igenex for Lyme testing.

  91. Wow I can’t believe how many people seem to be having the same problem I am having with low grade fevers! I have had daily temperatures of 99.3-100.4 for 3 months now. On March 30th my job took my temperature and it was 100.1 I work in a medical office where the policy is If you have temp over 100 You must go home. I was tested for Covid -19 and it was negative but within two days I had all of the symptoms of Covid. I was pretty sick for 13 days. I was tested for the antibodies and it was positive.
    All symptoms have gone away except the low grade fevers! Like many of you my bloodwork is fine. I saw an infectious disease doctor and have appointments to see a hematologists, and rheumatologist and a ultrasound of my abdomen. Honestly if it wasn’t for the fact that my hair is falling out in large amounts daily I would just give up. Best of luck to everyone. I hope we all find an answer soon.

  92. Whoa! This is crazy! I decided to google persistent low-grade fever and came across this article. I too have had a 99.0 100.0 fever for two weeks now. I’ve been tested for COVID twice, both came back negative. I originally was extremely tired, sore throat, body aches, skin sensitivity, headaches etc. Hence the reason I was tested for COVID. The only thing that has really remained is fever and exhaustion. My fevers tend to get worse in the afternoon/evening. As many have stated, the fever is gone by morning. It just seems so weird that so many people are having this issue.

  93. I’ve had a low grade fever 99.8-100.6 every month for the last 4-5 months and it lasts about 3-5 days. I had a televisit awhile back and new PA said it could be related to early onset menopause (I’m 45) has anyone ever heard of this? I have no other symptoms except a general feeling if weakness due to the fever I assume. I was told I didn’t need to get Covid test bc no other symptoms. Very frustrating:)

  94. Wow! I am incredibly grateful to know I am not alone with my symptoms and my frustration in my Dr not being able to uncover a cause. I have been internet searching persistent low grade fever for weeks, but just stumbled onto this site today. I have had a low grade fever (99.0 to 101) since April 15th-ish… so almost 3 months now. Would never have known had a not been checking my temp daily before taking care of my 86 year old mom who I have had safely quarantined since St Patricks Day. I have the night sweats (but thought it was my menopause kicking back up), am extremely tired, but no other symptoms. Had a ton of blood work, and urinanalysis with the only abnormal being a high BUN/creatinine ratio of 31 (top of normal range is 26) which my Dr dismissed as probable dehydration, although I do not really think that was the case. Also negative for COVID 19, TB, AIDs, etc…. Literally leaving the house shortly for an abdominal CT (like some of you)… and hoping but do not think it is going to be the silver bullet to tell me what the problem is. I will definitely come back to this site and update everyone if I find out anything. Dr. said that if CT does not provide answers, next step is to send me to an Infectious Disease Specialist– SO frustrating. But again, grateful for company, but would not wish this on anyone.

  95. I too have had a low grade fever (100.1-100.5) since the end of April. I initially also had a sore throat, significant headaches, mild cough, extreme fatigue and chills. After a week, only the fever & moderate fatigue remained, with the fever not presenting until the afternoon.

    At day 15 I had a negative Covid swab test and at day 28 had a clear chest xray and relatively normal bloodwork.

    My symptoms are mild compared to many of you, but they are troublesome as I remain housebound as going out with a fever seems irresponsible.

    I hope we all feel better soon.

  96. I have recently been diagnosed with RA. I also have had a recurring sinus infection (headaches behind eyes and low grade fever) and I’ve been on 3 rounds of antibiotics. While I’m on them the fever subsides First time took a month to return but last two times within days of finishing antibiotic the fever is back. I have been trying like hell to get back to work but if it isn’t the RA preventing me it’s fever.. I NEED to work! So fed up!

  97. My 11 year old has had persistent low grade fevers since April. She has an accompanying blistery rash on forehead. When her fever is down for a few days, the rash almost goes away. Then fever comes back and so does the rash. Been tested for covid, mono, thyroid, covid antibodies. Everything is negative. Her WBC wasn’t elevated. How could that be with a fever? She’s been on 2 oral antibiotics and 1 topical. We eat incredibly healthy and have a healthy lifestyle. Any ideas what to look for now?

  98. I am so happy to find this thread. I have been having fevers that come on about 5pm in the evenings, causing body aches and just tired and uncomfortable. Upon waking, no fever, then it comes again in the evenings. I have had 2 utis (one in march, when this started and another one in june) which is uncommon for me, as I am 43 and only had 1 prior in my life. Blood work showed I have iron deficiency anemia so I am on Feosol for that. Took Covid tests 2x, both came back negative. Had abdominal CT, shows fatty liver. Had a chest X-ray, that was normal. I have an ultrasound and cystoscopy in 2 weeks. I feel like my concerns fall on deaf ears as my tests come back relatively normal, but yet I feel bad each evening.

  99. My temperature always seems to run high.. from 99 to 99.6. Looking back at my medical history to 2013 its high more than not. I didnt think much of it until the covid thing but now with everyone checking temps everywhere, its hard to tell them your temp just runs high. Today at work it was 99.6. I feel fine and just had blood work a few weeks ago and as always, everything was good. Wondering if theres any reason I should be concerned. Can some people just run high??

  100. Hello,
    Has anyone else had problems getting in to see Dr’s now (since COVID) because of their low grade fever? I tried to schedule an appointment with my ENT to see if my sinuses are causing my low-grade fever and they will not let me be seen in the office. They will do a televisit but, I have already done that. I will be seeing an immunologist in a couple of weeks and they too were VERY hesitant to let me come in. I’m not completely sure they will actually see me when the time comes. I have annual eye and dental exams coming up and fear they will turn me down as well due to this. Is anyone else having these issues?

    FYI…I have had a low grade fever since the middle of March (almost 4 months now). My normal temp has always been 97.6 and now when I wake up it is around 98.6 (not a big deal…that’s considered normal) . By the afternoon it is anywhere from 99.0-99.9. My only other symptoms are occasional night sweats, hot flashes, chills, or intense fatigue, however, most days I feel perfectly fine. I have had a urinalysis, chest xray, brain MRI, and blood work for valley fever, hormone levels, ANA, Thyroid, CRP, regular CBC , vit B deficiency. My fear with COVID now is that more and more places are going to do temperature checks and I will be turned away. My biggest fear is my work…I work in a school with Special Ed students and I’m afraid this will be concerning to them. There is a very good chance temperature checks will be part of the daily routine.

    Please continue to update on this site with any answers you may find!

  101. I have had 99.8-101.5 temperature for that last week every day, even with Tylenol and ibuprofen. Just finished zpack few days ago for a “sinus infection” But fevers still present. I have been dealing with this on and off for over 6 months. I have a headache behind my ear area and neck only. I suffer from allergies so I take 2 Zyrtec daily and Flonase. Covid test was negative. I am unsure what to do now. Just very frustrated because my job won’t let me back to work until my temperature is below 99.5

  102. I started to have a low grade fever of 99 for a week now. Glad to see i’m not alone. I read that a low grade fever can last until stress taking over is under control. Could this be the issue? I have panic attacks, and know that my temperature goes up after an attack, but this is new. I thought I had a sore throat, but then it went away and now I have chest pains. I got my blood work done and it said everything was fine. Thoughts?

  103. I’ve had a low grade fever for months. I’ve also had several ear and throat infections that I feel never totally goes away. I was in the hospital last month when the fever shot up to over 101 and I began to have trouble breathing. No covid. Blood tests showed elevated white blood cells and I was dehydrated. I’m careful to push water and other liquids, but I can’t seem to get enough to make a difference, Getting discouraged.

  104. Hi I m having low grade fever for last 18 days done with all test CT-scan blood every thins even covid test also it turned out negative and all test also is normal all doctor saying u have nothing to worry my temperature rise 98-99.2 that’s in in day only after 7 it becomes normal .one thing to say I have taken 4 different antibiotic in last 2 month back to back for several health.soo my question is low is this low grade fever is for overdose of antibiotics or not .pls help this fever is very frustrating.

  105. I have had a low grade fever (99-99.8) on and off for 3.5 months now! My normal temp is 97.6. My temp is usually normal in the morning and goes up in the afternoon but I also can have a few days without one at all during the day. I do experience fatigue that is sometimes intense but other than that I feel pretty good. I have had a chest x-ray, brain MRI, and multiple blood tests including: CBC, valley fever, hormones, ANA, vitamin B, and some tests for inflammation. Most have come back normal and the ones that were not normal were only slightly out of range. Because of covid however, the ENT office will not see me to check my sinuses because of this low grade fever. My fear is that this low grade fever will start excluding me from many appointments including my eye and dental exams and more importantly that I will not be able to go back to work in August when I am supposed to start back up! It seems like many of us are suffering from the same thing and it all started around the same time! Someone please help us figure this out! This is frustrating!

  106. I have had similar issues since the middle of March with on again off again low grade fevers and fatigue. Thought it might be a mild case of covid but took an antibody test which was negative after two months of symptoms. Video Dr initially thought it might be bronchitis as I did initially have some congestion and a dry cough, prescribed two rounds of azithromycin. Congestion and cough is mostly gone and was feeling better but the low grade fever and fatigue just returned again.

    I’m wondering if there is some other un-named virus that is co-circulating with corona that is not as bad but is perhaps harder to get rid of.

  107. I’ve been a presumed covid positive case from my doctor for almost 2 months now. I’ve had a low grade fever the entire time, usually in the 99s and sometimes spikes 101 on some days. Most of my covid-like symptoms are gone now but the fever remains.

    Both my antigen and antibody tests came back negative. Had lots of blood work and still no clue what’s going on..

  108. How frustrating and strange for all of us.
    I have had a low-grade fever that hits about 1-2 times per month, but only for a couple days at a time. It makes me so fatigued and my body so achey. Just got tested for COVID and waiting on results. But how frustrating! If anyone finds help, please share!

  109. I’m on day 47 of a low grade fever. First week I had body aches. I’ve had a bunch of different symptoms consistent with covid, but have tested negative both for the virus and the antibody. Also tested negative for mono, lyme, bacterial infection, had an abdominal and pelvic CT-scan – all normal. Now I’m going to have additional blood tests, and have appointments with an infectious disease doc and a rheumatologist. I am convinced that this is covid. Am in a support group with thousands of members, and there are scores of people who share my experience. I think we don’t know enough yet about this virus to rule it out when so many people have the same issues.

  110. My low grade fever started in March range from 99 – 100. Tested negative for COVID -19, blood test for kidney , liver issuer and Lyme is negative, only shows slightly Vitamin D deficiency . Taking vitamin D for a month, no improvement yet.

  111. 99 fever since 26 may, kindly advice

  112. Colleen W. says

    JBaker- your symptoms and length of time having them are almost identical to mine. I’ve had a COVID test (twice), blood work, urinalysis, CT scan of my kidneys and can’t find the problem. My fever is the same as yours, has been going on since February and usually gets worse at night. My only symptoms are feeling tired and feverish. I also seem to have night sweats. The only two theories I have for the cause that haven’t yet been investigated are 1. I have a kidney stone in my right kidney (it has not yet started passing and my urinalysis was fine). 2. I put a medicine called Elidel on my face for eczema that is an immuno-suppressant. Is it possible that it could cause a fever?

    Please update on this page if you find out what has been causing your fever. I am incredibly frustrated about mine.

  113. I have had an on/off low grade fever for several weeks now. But it needs to be said that this has been a chronic issue over the past few years. Comes and goes. When I am in the fever cycle, as I call it, it fluctuates during the day. Always higher at night. I have Graves disease and take Synthroid (no actual gland left). Is it possible I have another auto immune issues? My husband thinks I should also be tested for Lyme. This is not debilitating, just makes me feel crappy. Any ideas?

  114. It could have something to do with chronic stress. Chronic stress builds up inflammation in the body. When the body is very inflamed the immune system has trouble fighting off infections since it’s also trying to fight off the inflammation. Some of you might want to look into a anti inflammatory diet.

  115. Mary McGee says

    I have had a fever since March 16th. I sweat easily, night sweats, shortness of breath, headaches, congestion. Tested negative for SARS-CoV2 twice and waiting on results of 3rd test. I’m a little anemic and have absolutely zero energy. Blood tests show inflammation and ANA, speckled positive at titer 1:80. Serum creatinine is elevated. I’ve had a round of Azithromycin and Doxycycline each and am now on a round of Sulfamethoxazole/Trimethoprim. No RMSF, TB. Had mono in the past. It’s interesting to find others with this low grade fever and no diagnosis and not COVID. I hope we all get well soon. This is crazy making!

  116. Aminu Abdulkareem says

    I have been having a low grade fever for over two months. And I have under goes several test. And all are negative. What should I do please?

  117. Well I have been having the exact same symptoms- intermittent persistent low grade fevers since March 14. Sounds like I’m going down the path many of you guys here have-I’ve had tons of bloodwork, urine tests, chest X-ray, CT scan (chest, abdomen)…nothing abnormal. THE STRANGEST & most frustrating symptom of all is that I will have no fever for 2 days (maybe 3 occasionally?) and I’ll start thinking, ok it’s finally over. And then I’ll start feeling bad/feverish and sure enough, fever!

    My normal temp is 97.7ish, fevers are 99-100.4/5; I don’t normally get fever – only when really sick.

    I’m glad I found this page bc I’m not alone I can see now. But seriously- we cannot be the only ones. And it seems like many of us started around the same time or have had fevers the same amount of time. I hope the medical community is listening.

  118. Gayathri says

    I have throat dryness in past 2 weeks and mild fever 98.6

  119. Muhammad saeed says

    I have low grade fever 99 to100 from 8 days and legs bone pain . Doctor have tested blood cp _ Esr is 17mm/hr – ( Male Ref-valu is 0-10mm/hr) and also blood wdal test and Urine/ RE—blood RFT/B.S.R./ RA factor/H PYLORi. in normal range.
    Doctor suggested claritic 500mg 5 days dose but low grade fever same condition .Now Doctor suggested cap. SEFSPAN 400mg .ones daily .any body help
    I have already kidney pain on Right side
    (Altrasound is normal )

  120. Lisa, have you been to a rheumatologist? You should be checked for Raynaud’s Syndrome. It’s usually comorbid with another autoimmune disease but sometimes it’s a stand alone issue. The main symptom is fingers and toes turning white and blue/black. I have it and was finally diagnosed. It can cause all sorts of vague to extreme symptoms. It’s worth looking into!

  121. peggy stum says

    i have had a low grade fever 99.8 for about a week. what can i do for it

  122. I’ve been having low-grade to moderate fever with fatigue and myalgia for more than two months now. May have been longer – I only started taking my temps daily back in March when the coronavirus became more prevalent because I work in a hospital. I’ve had consults with a cardiologist, hematologist, and immunologist. I’ve had all sorts of bloodwork, a chest xray, 2D echo, abd/pelvic ultrasounds, plus a mammogram. Next on the list is CT’s of chest, abdomen/pelvis and an MRI of my brain. None of the doctors have any idea what’s wrong with me. Very frustrating.

  123. Sharon Edmondson says

    I have been let running a low-grade fever between 95.3 and 97.6 for a couple weeks is it OK for your temperature to stay at 95?

  124. have you ever gotten a blood test to see if your vitamin deficiency?
    I use to get headaches, tiredness and weakness. This was my issue ,

  125. Wilma Mizanoski says

    Have any of you been tested for Lyme’s disease? Teresa…any updates on your condition?

  126. Harpreet kaur bhullar says

    I am having temperature between 98.6 to 99.3.I have dry cough,body aches,weakness,loose stools,vomitting from one month.I did covid test aslo its negative.Doctor did my blood test nothing came in.I am tired of this sickness from one month.I am at home from last months working from home.I do not know what happen to me.Please give me some solution.

  127. I’ve had low grade fever on and off for over a month now. CBC blood work and urinalysis. No one knows why. And body aches. Getting ready to start antibiotic now to see if that helps. Also, had test for flu and Covid. Both negative

  128. I have had a low grade fever every day for 2 months. Bloodwork is normal. I am fatigued and my wrists and neck feel stiff/weak/tired. But other than that- 0 symptoms. No
    One can figure it out. It’s very very frustrating.

  129. My wife has had a low grade fever for nearly 6 weeks. Started with a sore throat/upper respiratory and quickly progressed to pain on her right chest. Fevers daily for about a week. Then no fever for 2 days. Then pain started in upper back and fever returned. Negative for Covid19. After 3 weeks she started having SOB and pain on left chest. Went to ER. XR and CTA negative for pneumonia and PE. CT did show mild bibasilar atelectisis. Dx was bronchitis. Went back to ER with SOB and was admitted to hospital overnight. They tested for all sorts of viruses and did blood cultures for bacteria and fungus; no growth. Negative as second time for Covid19. Here PCP has given up and referred her to an infectious disease doctor.

  130. Hi have been suffering the low grade fever from last 23 days. Blood report shows Typhoid and Urine infection. Admitted in hospital, after 6 days discharge again fever came 99.1. pls suggest

  131. Karlie Gilbert says

    I’ve been running a fever for about a month. I’ve had some weird things come up that looks like auto immune issues. Make sure you ask your doctors to do the ANA testing.

  132. Teresa Says
    I am experiencing the same exact symptoms of a low-grade fever. Although, not quite as long, It’s only been affecting me for roughly 7-10 days. I normally wouldn’t be so concerned as being only a month away from turning 31, however with this COVID-19 virus taking over the world I feel as I should be taking a few precautions. I have barely left my house since the start of the pandemic, but have heard it could take up to 2ish weeks for symptoms to araise. Also, I’m even more concerned because this low-grade fever is causing me very extreme depression as well as feeling extreme weakness. Every muscle in my body is very stiff, and I am feeling beyond exhausted. Would you happen to have any advice from your own personal experience that what helps take the edge off?

  133. I (44/M) have been having low grade fever (100-101 F) for 2 months now and counting. They did all blood tests. CT scans, PET scans but cannot find anything significant to explain. THis is really horrible, i do not know what to do next? 🙁

  134. I’ve had a low grade fever for a little over a year now, with peripheral neuropathy, headaches, dizziness, severe edema (I’m not overweight), pain in bones, chills, sweating, chest pains, abdominal bruising over my liver, constant diarrhea with blood, strange rashes that appear out of nowhere, pain and aches all over, alot of fatigue, difficulty sleeping, toes and fingers that turn white and black, I’m miserable and suffering and I’m afraid to say something, that my doctor will think I’m crazy.

  135. Teresa have you been checked for mono? There is a specific test just for it, won’t show up in regular blood work

  136. Lilah Larkin says

    My husband has had chronic low grade fever since September 2019, (only at night or early morning between 99.4-100.5, never has fever at any doctor’s appointment), along with night sweats, occasional heart palpations, occasional hand and leg tremors. Doctors cannot find anything. He has been checked by infectious disease, rheumatologist, hematologists and next seeing an endocrinologist. He is at his wits end and doesn’t know what to do. He was taking TREMFYA injections for psoriasis (last injection was 9/3, stopped injections thinking his immune system was compromised but no infection was found), testosterone injections (stopped in November to see if symptoms went away, they have not) Any suggestions for next steps?

  137. Scott Morris says

    Hey Teresa,
    Did you ever get this fever issue resolved?

  138. I have had a low grade fever for months. Doctors have tested for so many things and everything is normal. I’m so severely depressed and weak

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