Pregnancy Suitcase: What to Bring to the Hospital

~ Bras (if breastfeeding, nursing bras if …bottle-feeding, maternity bras)
~ Gown (if breastfeeding bring a nursing gown)
~ Slippers
~ Robe
~ Personal items (shampoo, hair dryer, brush, comb, etc.)
~ Clothes to wear home (something loose and comfortable)
~ Going home outfit for baby
~ Receiving blanket for baby
~ Infant car seat (It’s the law!)
~ Copy of OB Chart
~ Sour lollipops
~ Hair ties
~ Address Book and change (quarters)
~ Snack for Partner
~ Mouthwash (small bottle)
~ Camera and film
~ Toothbrush and toothpaste
~ Slippers
~ Washcloth
~ Tennis balls in a sock, stress ball, or squeeze balls for distraction
~ Socks for cold feet
~ Relaxing music (if desired)
~ Vaseline or chapstick for lips
~ Focal Point (any small object that would help you relax)
~ iPod or music player (battery operated, with fresh battery)
~ Pillow

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