Pregnancy Guide for a Healthy Mother, Healthy Baby

A collection of information that we have learned most mothers want to know about pregnancy and childbirth. A team of childbirth educators, labor and delivery nurses, and lactation consultants have collaborated on creating this [booklet] for expectant mothers. Its purpose is to provide a collection of information that we have learned most mothers want to know about pregnancy and birth. We want you to have this information to help you learn as you go through the experiences of pregnancy and birth. With knowledge, you can be an active partner in your care and make the best decisions for you and your baby.

Side view of pregnant womanThis information is broken into sections. Each section is based on a prenatal classes that are often taught in medical centers and hospitals. The topics in each section have been gathered from prenatal classes. This collection of materials is not a replacement for parents attending prenatal classes—and if this information conflicts with your class materials, follow what has been given to you in class. This collection of materials is a way for you to see the importance of attending classes and learning about each step in your pregnancy. Prenatal classes go into much greater detail that we do here. Also, prenatal classes allow you to share experiences with other mothers and ask questions that you have about your pregnancy.

The margins contain information to help you choose foods, learn exercises, and understand words used here and by your health care team. We have collected quite a bit of information for you. Some of the information may be of more interest to you as you go through your pregnancy and become more aware of your emotions, questions and concerns.

Our goal — a healthy mother and a healthy baby!

Table of Contents

Early Pregnancy

First Prenatal Exam and Doctor Visit
Emotional Changes in Pregnancy
Promoting Comfort in Pregnancy
Medicine & Drugs During Pregnancy
Prenatal Supplements
Working While Pregnant

Mid Pregnancy

Great Reasons to Breast Feed Baby
Warning Signs to Know


* Weight Gain & Diet While Pregnant
Nutritional Needs During Pregnancy
Daily Food Guide During Pregnancy
Nutrition Related issues

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)

• Vaginal Birth After Cesarean
Thinking About Trying VBAC?
• Things We Worry About a Cesarean
• Emotional Affects of Cesarean Birth


• Nutritional While Breastfeeding
• How the Breasts Make Milk
• Starting Breastfeeding in Hospital
• Solutions to Breastfeeding Problems

Multiple Pregnancy

Multiple Pregnancy

Childbirth Preparation

Suitcase: What to take to Hospital
Labor Coaching
How Do I Know If I’m In Labor
Coping With Labor Using Relaxation
Taking Medicine During Labor
Epidural Anesthesia for Labor
Birth Plan
Third Trimester Issues
* Choosing Child Care
Evaluating a Child-Care Center
• The Baby Blues
• Adjusting to Being a New Mom