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Your Postpartum Check-up

As you leave the hospital, your nurses will remind you to schedule a postpartum check-up with your doctor. Your doctor will usually want to see you 4 to 6 weeks after a vaginal birth without problems. It is very important to keep your appointment. A check-up is needed to make sure you are healing as you should.

Your doctor will:
✔ check to make sure your uterus has returned to a non-pregnant size
✔ check the healing of your episiotomy, perineum, vagina, and cervix
✔ ask what type of birth control you are considering
✔ ask how well you are adapting to the many new changes in your life

During your check-up you should expect to have your blood pressure and weight checked, as well as a pelvic and breast exam. Your check-up visit is a good time to ask questions because your next visit may not be for at least 6 months to a year. Keep a list of any questions you have before you see your doctor. Take your list with you so you won’t forget anything. These are questions you can ask at your check-up:
✔ has my episiotomy healed as it should?
✔ how can I get relief from my hemorrhoids, varicose veins or other problems?
✔ what is the best type of birth control for me?
✔ when can I drive?
✔ when can I go back to work?

If you are having problems with depression, choosing a method of birth control, or wanting to care for yourself or your newborn, your check-up is a good time to talk with your doctor.

Make your check-up visit a special occasion. Try to get a baby-sitter and bring your baby next time. Then you won’t feel rushed during your check-up and can get all of your questions answered. Don’t forget to bring a picture of your beautiful baby that your doctor can keep.


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