Keeping Up Your Supply of Breast Milk

To keep up your milk supply for as long as you want to breastfeed, here are some tips that work:

Nurse longer and more often — Remember, don’t think of a time schedule when nursing, and offer your breasts to your baby as often as you can, even if you have to wake her up frequently to nurse.

Switch nursing — When your baby’s sucking decreases and she begins to drift off to sleep, switch her to the other breast and then back and forth, so she is draining both breasts as often as possible. Try burping her in between breasts to keep her alert and comfortable.

Double nurse — Double nursing is somewhat like switch nursing. Let your baby nurse on both breasts. Then hold her in an upright position for ten to fifteen minutes for trapped air bubbles to come up, which makes room for more milk. Then feed her on both breasts a second time.

Undress baby during feedings — Skin-to-skin contact wakes up sleepy babies and stimulates babies who are not excited about feeding. Stroke your baby during feedings, which can trigger your milk let-down reflex.

Nurse in bed — Nursing in bed during the night or during day naps relaxes both you and your baby. This helps promote longer and frequent feedings and increases your milk-producing hormones, which increases the amount of milk you make.

Get focused, get help, get rest — Your most important job now is to breastfeed your baby so she can grow and develop well. You need to focus on that above all else. So get your spouse and/or other children to help with household chores, get babysitting help for other children so you’re not distracted and get the rest your body needs.

Don’t use pacifiers or supplemental bottles — Make sure your baby’s sucking needs are met by your breasts, not by bottles or pacifiers. The more she sucks on your breasts, the more milk you make.

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Tip From Baby:
• It’s not always easy to breastfeed me, and I appreciate your efforts.

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