Emotional Changes During Pregnancy

Early Pregnancy

~ Many women want to be pregnant “someday” but “not now” (various reasons include; not enough money, husband in school, apartment too small)
~ Pleasure in finding oneself capable of becoming pregnant
~ Rejection is of “side effects” of pregnancy – not the baby
• Nausea and/or vomiting
• Fatigue
• Bad taste in mouth
~ First three months are spent getting used to “I’m pregnant now!”
~ “Now?” and “Who me?” continue throughout pregnancy.
~ Frustrating because there are few visible signs to help confirm her pregnancy.
~ Longs for the day when she will be obviously pregnant. When this occurs, the focus changes to “yes, me!” and “yes, now!”.
~ Quickening – provides the settling influence on the mother. Loses alienated feeling. She is surely pregnant.
~ Mother becomes an extrovert and seeks out pregnant friends. Begins making plans and arrangements.

Middle Pregnancy

~ Family members begin to “try on” new role of father, sister, brother, etc.
~ Mother’s concern in mid-pregnancy is not so much for herself as for her child.
~ Time passes quickly.
~ Want to see what baby looks like – normal to have day dreams and fantasies.
~ Becomes increasingly concerned over which gender infant will be. This reaches a peak on the delivery table.

Late Pregnancy

~ Time becomes heavy on her hands.
~ Feels somewhat vulnerable – does not go out much as she fears harm to her baby. Doesn’t understand why others can’t see this.
~ By the 8th month, she has found ways to cope with the time remaining.
~ May be difficult to sleep the last month due to thoughts about pregnancy, baby, labor, delivery, etc.
~ Settles down to wait.
~ It is normal to dream and worry about whether or not your baby will be healthy.

Side view of pregnant woman

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