Brain Injury: Understanding Coma

Coma is common with severe brain injuries, especially injuries that affect the arousal center in the brain stem. Understanding coma can be difficult because there are many levels of coma. In general, coma is “a lack of awareness” of one’s self and surroundings. A person in a coma can’t sense or respond to the needs of his body or his environment.

A person in a coma:
• May or may not have their eyes closed all the time.
• Cannot communicate.
• Cannot move in a purposeful way, such as following instructions like “squeeze my hand, or open your eyes.”

Because their eyes may be closed, many of us liken the comatose state to sleeping. The difference is that you can get someone to wake up if they’re sleeping simply by stimulating any of the senses, especially of sound and touch. But you can’t do the same to someone in a coma. Because the individual won’t have control of his or her system, they won’t respond to the typical methods people use to wake someone up from sleep.

They cannot follow directions or communicate because their brain doesn’t process information the way it used to. It is also common for breathing and blood pressure to be affected; if so, proper care will be needed to help control breathing or blood pressure for them.

There is no set pattern of recovery from coma, but there are signs that may mean improvement (coming out of a coma). Signs of coming out of a coma include being able to keep their eyes open for longer and longer periods of time and being awakened from “sleep” easier—at first by pain (pinch), then by touch (like gently shaking of their shoulder), and finally by sound (calling their name).

The Glasgow Coma Scale

The Glasgow Coma Scale or GCS is a universal tool used by medical professionals to grade the level of an individual’s coma. The scores collected with use of the GCS helps doctors and health care providers understand the extent of brain damage and the possible prognosis for a particular case.

There are three categories in the GCS to help assess adult individuals in a coma. These include eye opening response, verbal response, and motor response. Under each category are levels of responsiveness. Individuals are scored by adding the corresponding points of the statements that best describe their state.

Eye Opening Response

Spontaneous opening with blinking – 4 points

Opens to verbal commands – 3 points

Opens to pain – 2 points

No response – 1 point

Verbal Response

Oriented – 5 points

Confused, but able to answer questions – 4 points

Discernible speech, but answers inappropriate – 3 points

Unintelligible speech – 2 points

No response – 1 point

Motor Response

Obeys movement commands – 6 points

Purposeful movement response towards pain – 5 points

Withdraws from pain – 4 points

Spastic flexion – 3 points

Rigid flexion – 2 points

No response – 1 point

The maximum score a person can receive is 15, and the lowest is 3. Scores from 3-5 are critical and require immediate, intensive care, while those above 8 have a better chance at a full recovery.

Emerging From Coma and Signs of Improvement

Not everyone who has a brain injury emerges from a coma. If they do, they may follow a common pattern. Emerging from a coma is not like waking up from regular sleep.

When your loved one first starts to “wake up” from or come out of the coma, he may not be able to focus his eyes. He may or may not be able to respond to you. He may look as if he is staring off into space. Part of this is from the injury; part of it may be from medicine. Movement can be another sign of improvement. At first, movements may be random like flailing arms, then may progress to semi-purposeful (such as pulling at tubes) and possibly moving in response to instructions (“Squeeze my hand.”). The patient’s awareness of self and his surroundings increases as he improves and gets better.

Visual and auditory tracking is another sign of improvement—following sights and sounds. Tracking is when your loved one watches you as you move around the room or turns their head toward you when they see you or hear your voice.

The next stage of improvement is when your loved one begins to follow some commands intermittently and is also consistently tracking sights and sounds. Following commands intermittently means they won’t “squeeze your hand” every time you ask. As they get better, they will follow commands more regularly.

Mother of 16 y/o with TBI from skateboard fall
“When someone on television comes out of a coma they’re just fine. We thought that would happen for Sam. But when the doctors looked at the second CAT scan, they didn’t know how serious the effects of the injury would be. Now more than a month later, they still don’t.”

– Mother of a 16-year-old injured when thrown head first from a skateboard.


  1. Balaji Ganesula says

    Update to my previous post on April 6, 2020 at 4:50 pm.
    My wife who suffered a severe brain stroke when she was 3 months pregnant is fully conscious now.We were blessed with a baby girl .She still has weakness on her left side , but able to use her hands to do her day to day activities.She is currently in Rehab and trying hard to stand and walk . I never lost hope and always believed that GOD will listen to my prayers. God bless us, every one.

  2. I actually saw “Jesus” when I suffered a TBI due to a random assault. My first words were “I saw Jesus” which was strange as I believe in science and not “GOD”
    But I Have the memory of the stereotypical white guy with a beard “Jesus” but I may have been conditioned to recognize or see him.???????????

  3. How can family members be there to talk or play music for their loved one who is in a coma when Ohio State Medical Center won’t allow anything in the rooms they wouldn’t even let her 17 year old son visit

  4. My prayers 🧎‍♀️🧎‍♀️🧎‍♀️ go out there to all who need healing and help from God. God is able so may their health and memory be restored in Jesus mighty name Amen 🙏

  5. jane walley says

    Anyone whom says not to pray I dont want or care to hear your lies God is real and can do anything, he saved my Niece whom should have died shes still alive and a miracle and my grandson had a fatal cancer and he is alive now our mom has bleeding on her brain and I will pray for her like I did for my other family and she will be ok ……have faith that’s what gets you through this and that’s what we’ll save my mom

  6. My father was diagnosed with the west nile virus and due to not having enough oxygen in the brain he has several strokes. The doctor would call us daily telling g us not to be selfish and let him go… he isn’t going g to wake up and if he does he won’t recognize you… he wont be able to move or talk… My father woke up and is able to recognize us and move his head to tell us yes or no. I know the process of recovery will be long… but now the doctor want’s to discharge him because they done all they can do… how long will it take for my father to recover and what can I do to help his recovery?

  7. Adam Sanchez-Shetewi says

    Joe Smith your a moron. Just because you are a non believer doesn’t mean that you are correct or have the right to ridicule people that are believers. People always say that lame argument u just used but the fact is God gave us free will and he does not interfere with that in anyway whatsoever. Besides he knows that what comes after our physical being is our true destiny and state of being. He knows that everything will be ok in the end so he lets the physical world play out to prepare us for the dimensional world.

  8. Carole Clifford says

    In response to Joe Smith,
    There is a big guy in the sky, you just don’t know him. You are entitled to your opinion of course but you are not entitled to try and demolish other people’s opinions. Maybe God doesn’t allow everything in that does not make him not all-powerful it just makes him all loving, meaning God will not force you to come to him and believe in him oh, that has to come from you yourself and then he can protect you but he will not protect what does not want to be protected or even bother to ask him for it
    And sometimes God does allow things to happen, but he has very good reasons for so, sometimes he needs to bring people to their knees, you know, kind of like hitting rock bottom so that they will rise up and finally see him. Is it because you don’t believe in him does not mean that he is not there. me and many other people like me don’t just believe in him we know he is there, something I can’t explain to you, it has to be your own personal experience for you to understand but in the meantime stop backing other people’s beliefs, please. Just because you don’t understand doesn’t mean other people do not understand,
    that is your own Journey that you need to find, so in the mean time, leave other people’s journey alone, you have no idea what you were talking about and that, I promise you is the truth

  9. Joe Smith says

    So many here are asking others to pray for their loved ones, or for god to save them. The only thing I can think to say is that you need to realize that if god is all-powerful then he allowed this to happen. And if he didn’t allow it, then he’s not all-powerful and ‘praying’ isn’t going to do anything for you or your loved ones. The fact is, everything lives and dies on earth, it’s part of life here. Some lives are unfortunately just shorter than others. There is no one is in the sky controlling anything. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you can be at peace.

  10. On 05/24/2020, my son suffered a severe TBI from an assault. He is a father of 4 children. It’s the worst news any mother can hear about their first born child. Doctors, said his TBI injuries were on different parts of his brain (the left, right, and stem). They said his injuries were inoperable, there was no brain activity, and he would be a veg… I’m not even going to finish saying that word. But, let me tell you, and this is what I told the doctors….. my GOD is bigger and more powerful. The doctor’s response… I needed to make decision to take him off the ventilator, so I did. 3 days before this happened, I told my son, God is going to use you, maybe as an evangelist… and my son agreed. God was with him the moment it happened. Paramedics were called out in a matter of minutes. Today, almost 2 months later, my son can talk (limited), he responds to commands, he can sit up with assistance, etc.. the doctors ran another catscan and called it a “Miracle”. They said his right side hematoma is “completed healed” (doctors words, not mine), the left side is ‘healing good”. My son smiles, asks questions, even remembers what the corona virus is. The doctor said he needs rehabilitation, this is just the beginning.. he’s doing awesome things everyday. He just started peeing in a cup on his own. God is a waymake, miracle worker, promise keeper, light in the darkness, my God, that is who HE is!!!!!! Have faith! Faith in God is going to help your loved one heal!!! Trust God!!!

  11. My brother went into hospital to be given oxygen for his asthma and bronchitis. The next morning we found the local hospital put him in ambulance in a coma with tubes in his throat. He’s now in a coma for 4 weeks. Today told that he’s out of coma but a vegetable. He’s not responding to anything. His eyes are open but nothing else happens. His wife and 5 children are devastated. I am his elder sister and I am praying for him. Jesus raised Lazarus 4 days from the grave. I live abroad and because of coronavirus I can’t travel to go and see him. I am so sad and upset crying all the time. But I place him in the hands of God and I have faith that God will heal my brother in the name of Jesus. Please join me in prayers for my brother. I pray for all who are going through this comatose state in their family or friends in Jesus name

  12. My cousin got shot in her head on April 18 2020 and today is mother’s may 10 2020 and she still is in the same condition we hope and pray for her everyday that she comes back to us I don’t understand the process and I wanna be more knowledgeable on what going on with her I wish it was something I could do we can’t even hold her hand due to corona virus please keep my cousin and our family in your prayers

  13. My brother 37 yr had pontine hemorrhage on April 20 2020, he has GCS score of 4, he was rushed to emergency then kept in ICU with life support. Doctors said he has 24/48 hrs, but as the time is passing by we are having faith in almighty.
    After two weeks he has been removed from life support as he is breathing well by God’s grace.
    But he is in deep coma and not opening eyes or showing any movement. We are constantly talking to him, no clue whether he is hearing us or not.
    Still believe my brother will work like a normal person. Please pray for his recovery and for your loved ones who are in same situation have complete Faith In Almighty.

  14. Balaji Ganesula says

    My wife had a massive brain stroke due to ruptured aneurysm.She underwent a major surgery to clip the aneurysm. She was in ICU for 2 weeks and later moved to neuro HDU. Its been 5 weeks and she is showing some signs of improvement. She can spontaneously open her eyes, follow objects and people purposefully , Moves her head when we call her and also shows localised response to pain.She is also pulling out her feeding tube. She makes facial expressions , yawn and grinds . Her GCS score was 4 after the surgery and its around 10 and 11 with no verbal response . She is not yet obeying commands. She is 21 weeks pregnant and the baby is doing fine. Please pray for her complete recovery . Any suggestion are welcome.

  15. Maria manjana says

    My brother who was my most lovable person met with an accident on 21st of August 2017… He had traumatic brain injury (TBI)… He was in a bike n hit by a 10 ton we rushed him to hosp.
    N actually the doctors lose hope as my brother was critical…he was in emergency room… N due to lack of oxygen my brother suffered with hypoxia.. He was severely injured.. I saw a lot of blood rushes out from his back head.. N his eye became blue black… He was out of consciousness and doctors gave him 24 hours survival rate… My family was sad and gloom… Yet we had a hope and believed in my brother… Yess… He could survive out of the 24 hours survival rate… But he is in deep coma and now had move into vegetative state as well.. Now we took care of him in home… It has been 3 years the worst nightmares + all the struggles had occurs.. Yet we believe in faith, God and my brother that soon he will recover…..hopefully with God s help my brother can regain consciousness and live a normal life… I miss my brother and I love him to the core.. N I’m still hoping and waiting for him….may the god decide and pls pray…

  16. My friend is currently being brought out of a coma … he should be out by 4am so I praying for him to be ok … his dad is with him … xx

  17. I was in an induced coma last year for 5 weeks. I am 39 years old. I started having multiple consecutive seizures at home,never had a seizure in my life before. I became disorientated, resistant and combative. Was taken to emergency, GCS4. I was sedated and feeding tube inserted. All good? No. The feeding tube was accidently placed in my lungs for 10 DAYS! I went on to develop pneumonia and sepsis and was put in an induced coma.The end? No. Because of the feeding tube/pneumonia/sepsis, i sustained acute kidney injury which on top of everything else, led to cardiac arrest. Put on haemodialysis.Anyhow notes say my bp was 244/120 one minute, then 90/80 the next, also says i was thrashing about when they tried to wean off ventilator (no wonder my lungs were filled with porridge like stuff from the feeding tube). Anyhow when they finally realised the feeding tube drama and drained the porridge from my lungs,within a few days i woke up with apparantly delirium. I was kept in icu, had to learn to walk, talk & eat again. I also remember some of my dreams in my coma & could hear my nana talking to me, but in my dream i was a looking over myself as a little kid. I know i was a hairswidth to death. I know i’ll never be as i was & im trying to live a new normal,its bloody hard, i feel exactly what others have said, something is missing, but this is my new normal & im trying my best to get used to it, i feel just strange and im not as good verbally as i used to be (brain knows what to say but comes out in a jumbled mess verbally),which is very hard for me as i used to be such a good talker,now i shy away. I just want to wish you all love and happiness and most of all, hope. There is hope there, believe

  18. Himanshu Jain says

    My father met with a road accident on 30th September 2019. He is someone who used to take a lot of extra care for his family and himself. Every time me or my brother stepped out from home, he used to call to know when are we coming, we should take extra on that turn and all. He never ever shouted on anyone, is very very naive. Every day uses to go to temple. But still the universe did this to him. He is the world’s loveliest dad one could ever have.
    I lost my big brother last year in january in a car accident. I am 27years old only. We are a middle class family and my mom dad struggled a lot throughout their life for us.
    Today only while talking to my father he was crying a lot. I can’t live without my father and can’t see him and my mother in this much pain. I love them the most in the world.
    Please pray people. I will be thankful to all of you for that.
    I am saddened by reading some of the above posts and will pray for all of them.

  19. Hi my first love I.e my dad had an accident on Agu 9 2019 .he had craniotomy and now he is in still comaaa.we are reallly helpless not understanding what to do.. please help us

  20. Broken hearted says

    My mother is my world. Let me tell you my mom is a fighter. Always has been always will be she made me a fighter. My mom is in a coma since July 20 2019 since 2am after coding blue they brought her back at about 25 minutes. We talk to her, we play music, we hold her hand. I need her to come back. My mom got a kidney transplant back in 2004 and it failed in 2016. They didn’t take it out cuz no problems. But in 2019 in Jan she started bleeding every time she went to bathroom. Thought woman issues but it only bled when bathroom, she doesn’t urinate after kidney died in 2016 but they discovered the kidney was bleeding so they put tube in stomach to pull the blood to stop infection and fevers but it keep being pulled out and they decided to remove dead kidney doing surgery that was Memorial Day. They removed still had fevers started getting better they sent her home with home health Saturday June 1st. On June third she went to dialysis and they where supposed to give her antibiotics but a miscommunication happened where they though she has allergic which she was not. That night she got a fever and was out of it. Called 911 they came for her and she went to hospital and she declined slowly got weaker when she had fevers she would not talk or focus. She got better slowly and was transferred to a nurse skilled facility for antibiotics and physical theraphy. There she started getting better she even started eating more becoming her fiesty self getting stronger then she got a stupid fever and had to go back to hospital where she quickly declined she would not talk unless she got annoyed she would not eat. We had to start feeding her and she got a little better was moved to a long term facility July 9 Tuesday my dad came home discouraged. On Wednesday the next day I was called by my aunt telling me my mom was asking for me which was a happy moment because she had not been talking. I got there and she was talking a lot and eating everything it was beautiful we even called my dad because he was so sad and he got happy. She continued to eat get better. I would get there and I would say how you feeling she would say so so or ok or good. On july 14 she barely ate breakfast. My sister gave her lunch and she barely ate anything for dinner with me she only drank nutrition drink and a little food. Monday was worse and on Tuesday the theraphy said that she was too sleepy and that it was not safe for her to drink or eat. So they put a nasal feeding tube on Tuesday night. On July 18 my brothers b day he is in Ohio we did a messenger so she could see him and the her 4 month grandchild. That night she tried pulling I said no mom no pulling the the tube and she gave a little look of attitude..really cute. On Friday she looked tired and she sounded and was very congested told them, that Saturday at 130 something am my mother full coded and came back after 25 minutes put on ventilator and taken to icu. We play music we talk to her please please pray for her I cannot leave with out her. She still has a husband who loves her and is broken hearted I have seen this man cry till now. She has two daughters including me and a a son, a grandson and a granddaughter and a bunch of sisters and people who love and adore her who would be broken hearted with out her. She is my best friend I love her I would take her place ina heart beat please pray for her please please!

  21. Karan Sharma says

    My 62 yr old mother fall from bike and had frontal contusion . Doctors had a part of her skull bone removed and stored in stomach to allow brain to swell. Now after 12 days of surgery she’s in coma . I cannot imagine living without my mom. How much chances do we have for recovery. Please pray for her as I will for everyone here on this thread.

  22. Zachary massey says

    On January 22nd 2019 I was in a coma and I remeber dream I had and music I heard that my family anf nurses was listing to while I was in a coma and a nurse that iv never met in my life. Sone how I knew this lady when I woke up from being in a coma for over 3 weeks so for you with loved one’s that are in a coma don’t give up because they may not be able to talk or anything like that but they are still the I know I was and I was given only a 30% survival rate

  23. Ajinkya Hindlekar says

    My three friends had a car accident and all 3 are in coma from 4 days… She is just 16 years old … And another is 13 and last one is only 10 …

    Please prey for them … For there fast recovery

    God bless you all

  24. My loved one been in coma for 14 days and she open her eyes and began to be better after 2-3 weeks then doctor said she had puss in kidney and uti and sepsis and after getting better moved to micu and began dialysis it was as routine from first day like one day gap but she was getting better till they use vancomycin they say her bacteria is sttrong and used it they also say she may hav kidney stone but few days after she seems drowsy fever and her voice was not clear and 2 days from that she began unconciousnes and again shift to icu and its been 50 days in icu n micu m really worried little hope i have again shatter like pieces while transferring her heart stop and done cpr
    Now she is coma again its 2 days nows
    Im lost i love her so mch that i flew from japan to my country for making her happy and i have been here for 2 months now i ahve to go coz my colz is starting i will miss 2 weeks in colz but still if she gna be ok thats all inwant
    I dnt wanna live this life wdout her side and m really worried she is just 26 yrs
    She havent done any wrong for anyone but why god is making her like this
    I hate my lofe coz i cannot do anything for her
    Everyone pray for my fiancee
    God plz help me

  25. Ranaranjeet says

    My brother fall from scooter on 8th Jan 2019. After brain operation , Dr. said he may die in few hours . But it’s been 1 month he is alive and in coma (as per Doctor). But I noticed he is following instructions like hold my hand , open your mouth, should your tounge. Even he blinking his both eyes and sleeping like a normal human . Is he in coma ? Is there any chance he will be back in normal life ? , is he recovering ?

  26. Leslie Bachmura says

    My father is 91 years old and fell into a coma 12 days ago, after a brain bleed/clot beneath his skull, aka, a subcranial hematoma. His heart, kidney function, and overall health is wonderful for someone his age, so we are hoping and praying that he has the strength to “wake up”. Please pray for our family, as I will for every family on this thread. This is truly a worst nightmare situation.

  27. Helen Harrison says

    My kids step mum was in a coma for two days she was brought out of it today she breathing by her self and is awake but isn’t responding to anything or anyone. She 28 years old with a little one of her own, new house, and her life in front of her. She was happy and heathy 3 days ago. Doctor’s are still doing tests but still doesn’t know what is going on with her. It’s so upsetting. If anyone can relate to my story?

  28. My grandson Ben Rutherford was struck by a car, he has been in a coma for 6 weeks now. Please pray for him to God. He is only 13 years old.

  29. Godson onyekachukwuike chosen miraclee says

    my mother was sick. she was diabetic and was having partial hand shaking after vomiting and four tablet of glucophage was given with one cup of tea. Then her body become normal her response was improving but her hand was still shaking. A doctor who always treat her injected her body withigh insulin. she said the injection is too muchmy eyes is turning me the she started fainting again because she did not eat well shenearly passout that day. she regain herself again. After 2days she was unconcious from then she refuse to eat her hand was shaking,she was making some noise. The doctor fixed oxygen and drip she open her eyes when prayer was made and was trying get up. I call on the doctor she does not know what to do but ask for brain scan ,her temperature was high but due to no blood in her body she was not responding any longer but her body is very hot and system is in a normal stage. I pray for Godalmighty theGodwho wake up lazurus from the grave through her lord jesus christ to wake up frm not responding

  30. Cindy Schmidler says

    We are so very sorry for your loss.

  31. My brother 28 years old met with a bike accident where he was wearing helmet, post which blood came out from his nose and ears he was rushed to hospital he was unconscious but breathing properly , doctors operated and removed the clots when we reached hospital operation was done and he was on ventilator he Shaked his body when we touched him or when nurses where cleaning his eyes but doctors said he is not responding.. he was on ventilator for 7 days he stopped responding to anything later on 8th day doctors told he is brain dead after performing certain tests and said his brain fluids are all gone and he will never recover . His brain was swelled and was coming out from stitches . We were determined that he will recover may be late but surely he will but when doctors said his brain is coming out from stitches we lost our hope . Ventilator was removed and he passed away.

  32. When I was 8 years old I fell, about 4 meters, head first onto concrete, and landed in a coma for about 10 days 1st score was about 4, however from the point of impact and eventually being admitted into hospital there were a series of events, which were deemed to be ‘abnormal’.

    I was ‘Conscious’ however didn’t respond to people talking to me, I had motor ability I was able to walk but I don’t recall this, ambulance didn’t turn up so went in a Taxi to the hospital again no recall.

    I have one split memory of the time when I was in hospital, before being admitted, I saw a person with a white overall and I remember there feet, then I completely went, collapsed, I remember the feeling, no pain felt, however a very disconnected and withdrawn feeling difficult to describe.

    If you have ever been in a coma, naturally induced by trauma and now thinking about it medically also, even though they say people make a ‘full recovery’, i’m sorry to say no one comes away from it without scars, just because your high functioning doesn’t mean that your whole.

    Trauma to the head/brain is never a good thing, before the event unfolded I was deemed as having an above average emotion intelligence and speaking with others who had natural gifts like artistry, music, sculpting and other creative arts found a reduction in there skill. Not only this that I found, even though we naturally lose high rated skill such things during the course of our lives it would seem that for people who have been in a coma experience this at a greater rate.

    Also it takes a greater effort by the person to deal with what naturally comes to others in any area of life social or otherwise.

    One last thing, after speaking with people, they all say one thing ‘It feels like I’m missing something’.

  33. My friend aryan malhotra has been in A coma from last three days.praying he will wake up soon or shows sign io improvemnt…plz pray for him

  34. November 2018.
    Never lose hope. My 83 year old mother suffered a huge cardiac arrest on 31/10/18. Down time of 16 minutes. At arrival in hospital she had 3 cardiac stents inserted after 2 arteries which were completely blocked were cleared in a 3 hour procedure. She was placed in a medically induced coma for 2 days before gradual reduction of sedation. No reaction for 3 days ( GCS score 3 ). As she was being readied for brain scans on day 6 made responses to commands of squeeze hand,move toes and stick tongue out. When I walked into evening visiting her eyes were open and upon seeing me started mouthing my name and asked me to hold her. As I did this her left arm came over and she grabbed my shoulder and hugged me. What a moment!
    I walked in the next morning ( day 7 ) and she was sitting up in bed with no intubation. By the time my sisters and father arrived at lunchtime she was being fed soup and bread. She recognised every body. She could identify her sister’s and her granddaughters’ voices over the phone. Was asking about her car and her bridge partner. Wanted her glasses and newspaper.
    Today is day 8 and I’m just going back to see what other surprises she has and to begin what could be a difficult journey ahead but this should tell everyone that there is always hope and just occasionally ” miracles do happen”.

  35. Hi I was in a drug induced coma after taking an overdose I kinda remember learning to walk and talk again but now 5 years later my memory is getting really bad I fill in the gaps of my memory it’s like fixing a broken mirror and trying to put the shards back together it is really scary and people just think I’m strange some even say my personality has changed it feals like a pice is missing but I can’t find it and when ever it’s within my grasp I forget again has anyone else feeling like this

  36. My sister had a series of undiagnosed strokes 3 over 2 months. She was able to shuffle walk with help and could speak few word sentences. That was 10 days ago. She now only wakes a couple times a day for a few minutes during those few minutes she is able to feed herself some soft bites and drink small amounts. If we try to sit up she zones back out another 20 hours. The doctors haven’t said semi comatose but it sounds that way to me. The doctors hear us praying over her a lot. I’m wondering if they to are hoping for a merical and don’t want to produce any negativity on our faith. I’m afraid that I’m the one creating the negative now. Is any of this normal for stroke victims. She had 3 at the brain steam and one on the right side. She can still use both hands during those few waking moments and her face in slightly drawn.

  37. Tonya Harris says

    I saw a post in this thread written by Karmen. I’m.sorry that you are scared and dealing with so much. May I suggest something minimizing meat,dairy,fish and forgoing anything you can that has been animal.tested on. Noone can be completely free of such things but when we make an effort the universe aknowledges such things. Throughout my son’s coma I tried and with every effort the universe brought him to where he is currently. He’s speaking. Moving his limbs and communicating. This is huge and I take none if it for granted. I’m unsure of how it might help you. I’m hoping though. Huge hugs to you.

  38. What do you think the chances of recovery from a type 1 diabetic coma (discovered up to 18 hrs after episode) been in ICU for 5 days with little to no improvement ? MRI to follow to check for brain activity.

  39. May you all who are suffering find ease from your problems. Very hard to read your stories. I also have a loved in icu. Cardiac arrest 15 mins no oxygen to brain. Still in coma stage( 7 days today) . Bp high , seizures too . Please Pray for him and his 4 year old daughter who loves him dearly . I also pray for your loved ones.

  40. Cindy Schmidler says

    Thoughts and prayers to you and your family in this difficult time.

  41. My brother -in-law is in coma ,at first his eyes were opened bt now his eyes are closed,
    Plz pray for him ,h was attacked and he had injuries on head even blood dropped in his brain ,we op for the best

  42. Cindy Schmidler says

    Praying Danika

  43. Danika Powell says

    Please pray for my dad who’s in a coma

  44. Vahid mohammadzadeh says

    My brother is in a coma for 22 days.please pray for him.

  45. 29 09 2018 my good friend had accident ,he is coma right now please pray for him,doctors are very scared, but I hoped and believed that he will wake up and scale through this hurdles in Jesus name amen.

  46. I was in a coma for 14 days after the accident. I have no memory of the recovery stages for about three months after. With help from my family I was able to work. Now 29 years later everything is falling apart. Memory loss, forgetting to do things and headaches and nauseous lots of the time. Headaches daily. The 29 years has not been easy but I made myself cope. Cannot do it anymore. Is anyone going through what I am going through. I am seeking a psychologist and psychiatrist. I am scared.

  47. Paul has been in a coma for over a month now. He is the most genuinely nice and sweetest person you would ever meet. Please pray for Paul and his recovery.

  48. Cindy Schmidler says

    Thoughts and prayers for your brother and family.

  49. My brother he is 18 years old he got in a car accident 07/26/2018 with a brain injury the doctors told us that its a miracle that he made it to the hospital not many people with the injury he had to head don’t really make it they usually pass away on the field or on the way to the hospitals. The doctors had to remove the right side of his skull to give the brain room to expand hopefully the swelling of the brain will go down. He also has a fracture bone to his spine which its self healing his hip bone is broken which will need surgery, fracture pelvic on both side’s and a fracture jaw. He’s in coma right now he was being responsive to his reaction he will move a little when they will pinch his never parts to see if he would react which he did he was also responsive to his gagging test, but on 07/28/2018 he had a stroke which caused him to lose some of his brain cells. We don’t know which of the brain cells died or whats going to affect him in life. The neurologist doctor hasn’t really been much of help he keeps on giving us no hope but my family and I are not losing HOPE and FAITH on my brother. Please pray for my brother everyone keep him in your prayers. His name is Erik hes my only brother besides my two sisters. In God we trust and that Jesus Christ himself will heal my brother from this.

  50. irene paul says

    My mum went into a coma and on the 3rd day i was there, her eyes are closed sometimes, other times half closed. When i hugged her and called her, one eye would squeeze, every time i would speak thats what she will do. The next day ie yesterday, i cleaned her eyes and as i wiped her face, her brows were raised. When i tried to clean her mouth, she tried to suck in the cloth. How does this seem?

  51. I met a girl beautiful as an Angel in a coma for 3 months, this is the hardest thing that a person can go through. Not even imagination can explain. Day by day i know everything will get better.
    I pray for all that are in this state & are with gods angels holding them to come back to the world of none imagination.
    I pray for all.

  52. My in-laws has been on oxygen for 10days. Still could neither open his eyes not talk. He is lying there breathing but no movement ,even when the oxegen is removed on the 11th day.

  53. Cindy Schmidler says

    Hi, Gis. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us! Although it might be difficult and trying, we want to celebrate your will to keep going for the sake of your children. You’re doing great! If you’re having troubles with relationships, trust, and fear of illness, we recommend that you seek counseling services to better understand how you can address the way you’re feeling. You might also want to try discussing your situation with a trusted friend or relative. We hope this helps!

  54. Cindy Schmidler says

    Hi, Penny. We are so sorry to hear about your grandmother’s condition. You’re doing wonderful by staying hopeful despite the challenges your family is going through. Unfortunately, we can’t give you any recommendations or suggestions especially because we aren’t particularly familiar with your grandmother’s specific case. If you want to get a more accurate prognosis for her, we recommend that you discuss the matter with her doctors who are better equipped to provide the information you’re looking for. We are hoping for the best for your family!

  55. Cindy Schmidler says

    Hi, Nitin. You’re doing great by holding on and staying hopeful despite your wife’s condition! Based on what you’ve said, it’s clear that your wife is slowly but surely coming around and regaining some function. Currently, there isn’t much that can be done except proper care and perhaps some therapeutic exercises to prevent muscle atrophy. What’s more, medical practitioners will always assume that a person in a coma can hear – so keep on talking to your wife and give her the support she needs to see her through this challenging time. We are hoping for the best for you and your family!

  56. I had a bad case of pneumonia, and had to be put on an induce coma for about 4 weeks. When I woke up I didn’t know how long I was asleep. As a mother of 2 kids one with a physical disability my may concern was to get up and go see my children, but I was not able to leave till I recovered some of my own abilities to walk again. Oh my gosh I can still feel the stress of getting better. Any who after I the hospital I was never informed of what really happened to me, I was focused on getting better so I could be a mom, but as I got better, I noticed that I wasn’t the same. I became weaker and weaker. Went to many doctors appointments and was told its normal because iw as really sick. I said ok, but why after 2 years I’m still so weak. I was finally sent to a Rheumatologyst and I was diagnosed with fibromiliagia (shoker). My body never stoped aching and I never fully recovered. even though Cymbalta helps with the aches, I’m still expriecing fear and I have become another person.
    I decided to do some research of my own to actually answer some of my own questions, sadly I discovered that I experienced a septic shock and I was border line on the other side (dead), now I cant think of anything else but why want I informed of this? my family and “fiancé” I guess never cared to give me a straight answer.
    Now I feel fear of dyeing and trust. I have 2 boys who need me and as hard as I try to “live” each day the best I can. I always seem to direct my mind to that day and its so freighting. HELP?

  57. My grandma is 81 years old. She has type 2 diabetes, hypetensive and has kidney failure. She had been dialysing twice a week. In January she had sepsis after her dialysis catheter came out on its own. She was admitted in hospital on 17th January 2018 to treat the sepsis. In a few days she responded well to the antibiotics and was regaining her strength. However, on 22nd January she went into coma after experiencing a seizure on 21st of January. She was admitted in the ICU and was on ventilator for 3 weeks. She was discharged from hospital on 5th March for home care. Her management is through a tracquestomy tube and feeding through the peg. Her pressure keeps going up and down causing us a lot of concern. She responds to pain and moves her 4 limbs. She also tries to open her eyes especially when her name is called abruptly. Her neurologist says she is not in coma but semi conscience. What is sad is till now we do not have conclusive diagnosis of the coma.
    It is now 9 weeks since she went into coma.
    Kindly let me know if anyone here has gone through something like this. Kindly also pray for her.
    I will greatly appreciate your feedback.

  58. My wife is in unresponsive state for the last 7 months. Initially there was no hope but as the time passed and by the blessings of God she is out of ventilator but still tracheostemised.she is taking its own breath,her Gcs is 8.she sometimes opened her mouth and show signs of swallowing.she has spontaneous eyes opening but not responsive.we always pray god to take care her.Any advice/suggestions welcome.

  59. David Gerry says

    I was in a coma caused by toxic poisoning for two weeks, June of last year (2017). When I woke up I was hallucinating which lasted for 4 or five days. I couldn’t walk, my speech was slurred, my hands shook so much I couldn’t write anything, my taste buds were off and I lost 45 pounds. After 8 months in a physical rehab facility I can now walk though I’m still a bit off so I use a walker. My speech is improved but my voice can sound gruff a lot of the time possibly due to damage to my vocal chords from the breathing tube. My hands still shake and writing is still hard. My taste buds are almost back to normal and I’ve put 34 pounds back on. I’ll be out of rehab at the end of the month and with in home assistance I should return to almost normal. It’s a long road and a lot of work to recover from the effects of a coma but it can be done.

  60. Waleed Farooq says

    Is there any doctor here who can guide? My friend had a car accident and now she is in coma. She is also on ventilator. She had internal bleeding in head which doctors operated and now ct scans are clear. Doctors don’t know why she is not showing any improvement. Its been 10 days.

  61. My Father was in a car accident on 29/01/18 – Came to hospital in a coma (GCS 7) and as of this date is a 13/14. Things get better, even when they seem they wont. He isnt back to his normal self and wont be for a very long time – physio is needed, nuerotherapy, speech therapy and much more. Sometimes he doesn’t remember who I, his youngest daughter, is. Sometimes he does, sometimes he is confused but says he recognises me and others he knows who ‘Abi’ is but not who I am. Keep hopeful. It seems as though people in Coma’s physical health progresses FAST once they wake up. One day they’re on assisted breathing and the next they are on a face mask, then within 5 hours on a nose catheter. All that takes time is the memories, speech, neuro side.

  62. My mother was in a car accident on 12/02/18 and has a TBI. She opened her eye on 22/02/18 and was able to lightly squeeze my hands on command. Since that date, she would occassionly open her eyes to sound but seems to have gone down hill. I don’t know what to think, I had some hope and then it went down hill.

  63. There are support groups for brain injury survivors, caregivers, and anyone close to the survivor on face book for anyone who could use them. The one i joined is called Life after TBI. Search TBI (traumatic brain injury)

  64. This article is incorrect on nearly every level. I was in a car accident at 15. I suffered a severe traumatic brain injury with shearing to right frontal lobe and massive swelling. They didnt expect me to survive. I was in a coma and after a few days I started opening my eyes, i pulled my oxygen tube out and they started tying my wrists to the bed rails with a some slack. Then i leaned my head over/down far enough to meet my hand and started to pull it out again but only got it about half way out when the nurse caught me. After about a week I began answering questions by shaking/nodding my head.

  65. My boy friend in coma but he give response plz pray for him when he wake anyone knows

  66. my brother has a brain stroke on 28 November 2017 and still he is unconscious

  67. My father is in vegetative stage from past 2 year.. what should I do for him to came him out from that situation????….

  68. Hello Marilyn perez, praying and hoping your husband recovers. It’s very sad.

  69. Marilyn perez says

    My husband just got in a coma he is 24 he has been here 1 week please pray for him ive been with him since i was 14 he is my life faith is what keeps me going i lost both my parents when i was 14 all i know is him

  70. Cindy Schmidler says

    Praying Pamela.

  71. Cindy Schmidler says

    Very sorry to hear that. Praying!

  72. my brother got into car crash and his right brain was severely damaged. please pray for his recovery.

  73. Pamela Kurtz says

    My nephew who just turned 33 years old Oct 21 2016 father of two beautiful daughters Monica and Mariah had a severe cardiac arrest while he slept. He has brain damage and has been in a coma for 3 weeks now. He’s on a respirator and they are putting permanent feeding tubes in. We started a go fund me page for family but just feel so helpless. Please pray for him if you can.

  74. My girlfriend was in a coma for 7 days following a high speed car accident. She was unresponsive for 7 days. Then I began talking to her, telling her to concentrate on my voice. I kept it simple, take my hand and lets go home. she woke up. Unfortunately she is back in a coma after being out of one for 4 days. Doctors give her 1 week to live. I’m doing everything I can to wake her up. But her Heart Rate keeps dropping below 30 bpm everytime I talk to her……. I don’t know what else to try. But I’m not going to give up on her. I still have 6 days left. Any suggestions ?

  75. My Friend decided to take an overdose of cocain to kill himself, almost dead he’s in a coma two days ago. He was on heroin before, but nothing of that was found in his bloodstream, just the cocain. Today doctors say he had some lines in the monitor, meaning that a tiny hope is raising for him, because his brain is responding a little. I hope he gets better with no brain damage. I’m praying

  76. My son in law had a heart attack and he fell on the ground 2 weeks back.The brain was affected and he became unconscious. Now he is opening his eyes and moving his hand..Please pray for his complete recovery

  77. Barbara Martin says

    Oddly there is a first brain injury was 2001.. I was in a coma for 6 days induced woke up like a 4 year old..yes there is no way of knowing what will be..and brain injuries can be cookie cutter cut outs yet outcomes can be different..I rehabbed within 2 weeks after my 8 day bleed the high level areas were limbic, corpus collosum, frontal lobes and left went to JFK..intense therapy then outpatient..long process..not an easy road..literally one vocal cord was paralyzed but I did my speech therapy..extra speech homework and it popped back and my vocals got lower..met a lady who stayed high in vocals and still has the cord brain slowed down through cognitive..hers is still a bit is it a pattern..she was comatose longer…It is something I wonder about because mine is is hers…yes I have residuals but I learned to cope with them..I researched about my injuries to be proactive to make them my friend to learn about what does not work to enhance what does..,and the brain injury fund is available in some states for people without coverage but a lot of insurances now have riders for anything related to the brain…I am glad to know the brain never stagnates..sometimes I think we get comfortable and tired of fighting..But brain injury is a fight..You can come back…It does depend on all of your body and how it is reacting to the trauma that happened, where the injury happened, the age of your body, your motivation to rehab, and time..lots of time and GOD…And yeah you are a different person after is finding who you are and embracing the old with the new….Caregivers are saints and there are support groups all over Facebook with live people helping…you are not alone in this battle and the state brain injury association as well..Good luck to you all…

  78. Williams Ishaya says

    My Doughter has been in coma for the passed four days after a brain injury which surgery was made to remove some clothed blood from the brain am just confuse she is still in coma and blood is still coming out from her head from a tube

  79. My friend has been in a coma for 3 months and 5 days today. Please pray he is stil young and is a brave man he has so much on his bucket list .

  80. Teresa Watts says

    I suffered tbi in a coma for 23 days after being in a vebicle accident in 2010. I am not sure that i have fully recovered from that. I still have memory loss. After 6 years of recovering i am very thankful that i am doing as good as i am by the grace of God.

  81. Lorraine Browning says

    I was in a coma for 23 days after a car accident. My friends thought I was dead after they had covered my body, but after checking in the ambulance they got a pulse and rushed me to hospital. I finally woke up completely from the coma with injuries of fractured skull and totally paralyzed. At first all I could do was see people. I could not feel any part of me I felt like a pair of eyes looking out. The things that went through my head, I thought I had not been born and the people who looked at me were looking for a new baby. I could see parts of the ward I was in, I don’t know how, but I remember this. I did not even recognise my own family to start but when my brain started to repair I just got better and better with your own determination you help the process. I am now with 3 children and I was told so many times because of the brain injury and damage you will never be able to do things. Every time I was told you will not be able to stand, read, walk …etc., ever, I made that my challenge. I was 19 years old and I wanted to recover back to what I was before the crash. I am happy my guardian angel saved me.

  82. Farhat Zabin says

    my mother is in a persistant vegetative state since 2 and a half months hope is still on and faith on allah will always remain inshaallah she will definite wake up and survive a normal life with us AMEEN

  83. My daughter was drugged my a girl friend of my grandson. She has total body pain. She was in the hospital IV unit for a little over a month. I don’t know if she medically induced or how she was in a semicomA for several months . When she woke up she could not walk. The back of her feet don’t touch the floor. She uses a walker in home ,will chair outside. Pain doctor told her to see a nuerotherapist because she has a brain injury. Also her left eye wonders. She’s had eye doctor and pain in tell her to see one. Is there away to help her walk at home. She took therapy and it help . But her insurance only pays for a few days. More I want to know if she will ever walk again.When she left hospital she went a respiratory clinic she was there for about 8 months on respiratory therapy.Any when she came out she can’t walk. Can you give me advice please.

  84. My mother went into acoma January 23, 2016.please pray for her Alfae Nobles

  85. My husband is in a coma right now, hoping and praying he will wake up soon or show signs of improvement. Please pray for him.

  86. The medical community encourages family members to continue talking to a comatose patient. Music can play a role because doctors think hearing is still functioning.

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