A Complete Guide on How to Treat Windburn

Have you ever developed skin redness with a burning sensation after exposure to cold wind?  Although it is not an official medical diagnosis, most people describe this phenomenon as windburn.   Unlike sunburn which occurs as a result of UV sunlight exposure, windburn is thought to occur when our skin is exposed to dry, cold air.   … Read more

How to Wash Your Hands Properly

Did you know that hand hygiene is the number one thing you can do to stop the spread of germs? Hand hygiene includes washing your hands with soap or applying gels. Staying healthy can be as simple as washing your hands to reduce the number of germs present. But you’re not always near a sink and wonder if it’s OK to use a hand sanitizer. Here’s the proper way to clean your hands and prevent illnesses and infection for you and your family.

How to Treat a Cold and Cough

There’s no cure for a common cold. Colds are caused by viruses that infect the lining of the nose, sinuses, throat, and lungs; you can’t treat with antibiotics but there are self care measures you can take to feel better.

Blood Pressure Medicines

If making changes in your lifestyle—such as reducing stress and losing weight—doesn’t lower your blood pressure, your doctor may want you to take blood pressure medicine. Most people who take blood pressure medicine take it for life. This is a list of the main kinds of blood pressure medicine and how they work: ACE (Angiotensin … Read more

Self Care

Heal thyself! Or so we think we can. We all hate going to the doctor so we try to self-diagnose and then self-treat, hopefully without doing too much damage. It is important to know when a health problem is an emergency, when it can wait until your doctor’s normal office hours and when it’s something … Read more