What Are Antagonistic Muscle Pairs and How to Train them

For every Batman, there is a Joker; for every Superman, there is a Lex Luthor; and for your primary mover muscles, there are antagonistic muscles. There are several antagonistic muscle pairings in your body, and knowing how they work can help you train smarter and get bigger and stronger. Having a good understanding of antagonistic … Read more

Are Digital Scales Accurate For Measuring Weight?

Weighing yourself every day can be a great way to track your progress, as well as monitor your health. If you’re consistently weighing yourself, you can make on-the-fly adjustments to your diet or training regimen to help you get closer to whatever fitness goals you may have. But you won’t just be standing on your … Read more

Scapular Retraction: Exercises, Benefits, & Proper Form

No, this isn’t science class (though you will learn some biology today), scapular retraction doesn’t have anything to do with chemical reactions or photosynthesis. “Scapular retraction” is simply a fancy way of describing the motion of bringing your shoulder blades (scapulae) back and together. Your shoulder blades are scientifically named scapulae (scapula singularly). Retraction is … Read more

Does Swimming Build Muscle? Let’s Talk About It

In the past decade, swimming has gained popularity among the fitness community through Olympians like Michael Phelps – and their slender, but toned bodies. The swimmer’s body has been sought after for several years, as the slim and streamlined, but powerful physiques of swimmers have graced our magazines and televisions as an elite aesthetic. But … Read more

Having Lower Back Pain From Deadlifts? Here’s How To Fix It

The deadlift is regarded by many as the king of all exercises. This is a pretty high honor in the fitness community, and its distinction is not unearned. The deadlift is a hamstring, gluteus maximus and lower-back blaster that recruits the rest of your body to remain stable throughout the movement. Regular implementation of the … Read more