SandBells as Seen on the Dr. Oz Show

SandBell Review

A couple of months ago, I saw an episode of the Dr. Oz show where they were featuring “as seen on TV” weight loss and exercise products. One of the products was the SandBell.  The exercise guru for Dr. Oz demonstrated the SandBells and then gave the product a thumbs-up.  I already wear the weighted vest by Hyperwear, which I love, so I decided to try the SandBells. The SandBells come in different weights, from 2 pounds up to about 50 pounds.  I started with the 10 pound SandBell as that is my go-to dumbbell weight.

One of the selling points of the SandBell is that it works more than just the target muscles. Target muscles meaning if you’re doing bicep curls — the target muscle is the biceps. With the SandBell if you’re working your biceps, you also get the benefit of working your grip which works the forearm. The SandBell is a round disk made of neoprene rubber and filled with playground sand. They also have a version called the SteelBell, which is the same neoprene cover but filled with steel shot. The idea is the same, however the SteelBell is much smaller in physical size for the same weight because of the difference in the weight of the sheel shot vs. the sand.

I have to admit, using the SandBell is like play—it’s not like exercise at all. You get the feeling you’re out on the playground—which a big plus for me because I’m not real big on exercise for the sake of exercise.  Once you start playing with it, you’re imagination runs wild with things you can do. I found myself tossing it in the air, slamming it on the ground, and throwing it across the room. Because of how it’s made, it doesn’t hurt the floor, the furniture, or you. The SandBell is great for partner exercises (hubby and I play a “red-rover burner” game with it) and it’s better than dumbbells or kettle bells for tossing and swinging.

There are many “regular” exercises that you can do with the SandBell. Below are videos showing 4 of the exercises I like best.  These exercises will wear you out. You really have to work at controlling the SandBell throughout the entire exercise. Don’t just let it fall—control it even when gravity is pulling it toward the ground. You also have to adjust your grip—hold it tighter—as you swing it or catch it because inertia makes the sand shift in your hand. I like the added grip workout because I play golf and squash and grip pressure and forearm strength is important for both.

Two Thumbs Up!

I highly recommend the SandBells and agree with Dr. Oz Show. They’re great for any home gym (they stack for storage and won’t ruin the room). Great for kids to play with because they can’t get hurt—unless of course the kids throw them at each other’s head. Since the SandBells are rubber, they can probably stay outside but I wouldn’t leave them where water can get in-between the bladder that holds the sand and the outside cover.

Full Disclosure: I paid for the SandBells used in this review. The company that makes them had no input in this review and did not provide payment for a review.