Resurfaced Right Hip 2008, Now it is 2016

Prosthetic hip joint

I had resurfacing on my right hip 2008, Now it is 2016 and my right groin is always sore feeling, I have felt the ball moving out, I have felt a fluttering feeling top of my right thigh. all this when sitting and putting on my shoes or reaching for an object. Am I actually feeling the ball come out of the socket, it is possible that the muscle is not keeping the ball in place.

Can some one help me, help my doctor understand, because he thinks my pain is arthritis, I know something is moving and it is a strange feeling around my groin area, when it happens. I hope someone will help me. I also have lower lumbar pain and pain upper left hip at the top of my hip, I guess arthritis, it hurts real bad, when laying on a hard surface. can someone help me on this problem