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While hundreds of thousands of people visit Health Pages each month to learn about their bodies, we have found that readers are especially inspired by personal stories. Health related stories that share a journey or event serve to inspire, inform and encourage our community.

It is not simply biology that we share.

Our humanity is threaded with hope, courage and sometimes gloom and fear. Pain has many forms but so does joy, contentment and peace. The telling of it all is healing for the writer and reader alike.

So tell your story.  We’ll review it, make sure it is in keeping with our standards and let you know when it is published.

A few simple rules:

  • Keep it wholesome. Please no profanity or sexual content.
  • Keep it original. Don’t publish text from somewhere else on the net.
  • Keep it honest. Everyone needs to hear the truth.
  • Don’t include promotional links. These stories are not intended to promote businesses.

Tell Your Story

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