Brain Injury Guide

We not only include information about what you can do and what your loved one is going through, but we also include words of encouragement from people who have actually gone through a brain injury or their loved one.

This guide was published for purchase in paper back form for health care providers and used in hospitals and trauma units. The content is now available here (see our copyright notice at the bottom of the page). It was written in collaboration with Shepherd Center, one of the top catastrophic care hospitals in the U.S.

Brain Injury: A guide for family and friends

Table of Contents

What is a Brain Injury?
How Bad Is It?
How the Brain Functions
Common Problems During Early Recovery
The Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
Understanding Coma
How Does an Injured Brain Heal?
How You Can Help With Recovery
Where Will the Journey Go From Here?
How Will I Ever Get Through This?
Where to Go for Help
Books for Families Coping With Brain Injury


  1. My daughter is suffering coma due to carbon monoxide poisoning so please suggests mi what type medicine we use?

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