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I like to read blogs, too. I also like to share when I find good blogs. So, I’ll start listing the blogs I like and hope you share with us the blogs you like. You can send your suggestions with the submit news button above or leave a comment below.

Doctor David’s Blog: Musings of a Pediatric Oncologist

Many years ago I was approached by a pediatric oncologist to write a booklet for her patients. She wanted a booklet for parents caring for terminally ill children—like how they get their clocks turned around so that night is day, and even though they are going to die shortly, they still need care for their broken arms, legs and teeth—they still deserve some quality of life. As it turns out, she never had time to help me finish the booklet so it was never done. But with that short relationship I acquired a real admiration for those who can deal with the deaths of children and give them dignity in the process. This blog we like is by a pediatric oncologist who seems to be able to do just that.

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