Spinal Cord Device Help

June 17th, 2016, notes taken by Marcus Hopkins, victim of remote controlled attacks on my body.

A spinal cord transmitting WiFi device with electroencephalograph sensors, was intravenously slipped in me January 4th, 2014, by a male triage nurse working in UNM emergency room. It is mobile and remotely controlled. It swam / crawled / wiggled it’s way up my left arms artery after a blood sample for lead poisoning was taken. It is powered by either body fluid, nerve energy or tissue movements in my body. About five days after being slipped in me, it got snagged in my left arm artery, around my upper bicep muscle. This caused major blockage of blood flow to my heart. My blood pressure dropped to about 75/56 when a different nurse took my blood pressure. Fortunately, it wiggled its way out before I could have died from lack of blood flow. Around January 27th, it made its way to my spinal cord, around vertebrae T7. The feeling the robotic, bug-shaped device made, that was remotely controlled by operators in the medical field, was awful. ‘It’ caused shaking from piercing probes into my spinal cord and tendril like antennas onto/into my spinal cord. This shaking deep within my body was in direct connection to the device operators driving in its leg probes and antennas. It went on for about half an hour and was about the most violated I’ve ever felt.

The device is still being operated around the clock for unethical experimentation, research and oppression on me to deter me from reporting it. The device remote controls have been in the hands of at least 30 different operators, all covert criminals and sociopaths. The operators have used the device from miles away and committed thousands of crimes on me with it. Its operators have scanned out and molested every one of my nerves and neurological synapses with it. They have jolted and molested groups of nerves and neurons in my body over a million times. As a result, it is hard on any reader to hear what nerves they molested, how they were molested, number of times specific nerve groups were molested, etc. It is also hard for me to remember and articulate this dice they’ve damaged my brain with chemical poisonings about a hundred times and overlapped whatever I tried to remember over a hundred thousand times. I do estimate they have molested nerves in my rectum over a hundred thousand times, from one nerve pulse, up to two-handed nerve pulses in two hours (heavy remote rape). It make me so angry and livid to where after a few minutes of being remotely raped (in my rectum and penis) that I can only start to think of what types of punishment the ruthless, sociopathic stalkers with these remote controlled crimes deserve.

Since I had an Xray of my spine at Riverside Health Partners in Minneapolis, I was anxious to see if I could catch a glimpse of the conspiring criminals device. I looked at the xrays myself, two times. The first time was literally a glimpse. I walked over to the female Xray technician after the xrays were taken to ask her if we were done taking xrays. Her computer monitor still had an image of my spine on the monitor. Suspicious looking, there was a large glowing shape protruding out towards my front from my spine. It was shaped somewhat like a sharp skull and it had tendrils slightly longer than its width. I would say it was about a half inch long and wide with thick tendrils at the base tapering to a point about an inch out. I only had my gown on so I could not capture a picture of it with my cell phone. I asked her to make me a cd with the x-ray images. She said ‘Ok’.

I was curious what the male technician, nearby, was saying to her. I thought it was about my x-rays. That was the main reason I walked over to her. All he said, while I was standing there was, “I don’t care anymore”. The delivery of the cd with my thoracic vertebrae took twenty minutes. Whereas, the delivery of my lumbar xrays a week earlier only took ten minutes. Adding to my suspicion was what another medical staff employee said around the corner of the hallway. I had walked partly down the hallway from the waiting room. Out of my view, they said, “We got a picture of his ‘patella’ and if we show him it, it could be a son rise. But then we will be on our knee”.

The second time I viewed my x-ray images was at the library. I had the CD that the X-ray specialist gave me of my x-rays. However, the image I saw on the xray technicians monitor, in the lab with my gown on, was not in the five x-ray images on the CD. She had also taken about 10 different angled X-rays of my spine. I would have used my own computer CD ROM to view the images but stalkers have destroyed my last four computers. Since much of my memory is damaged and also regularly tampered with by group stalkers, I accidentally forgot the CD in the CD drive at the library.

An MRI might be necessary to capture images of the transmitting, minuet, robotic device that was illegally snuck in me and then lodged onto / into my spinal cord. Like everything, an MRI today, takes time to appoint and goodness-in-faith on the doctors part to give honest and accurate communication. So I am going to draw a few images what I think the spinal cord device looks like next to thoracic number 7 region of the spinal cord. Just as I typed this section, a Hispanic group stalker started blasting my nerves around my right kidney with a Directed Energy Weapon transmitter, with the pain they inflicted almost caused me to double over.

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