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Shoulder Structure, Function and Common Problems

The shoulder has a wider and more varied range of motion than any other joint in the body. Our shoulder allows us to do everything from paint to play … [Read More...]

Brain Anatomy and Function

The central nervous system (CNS) includes the brain and the spinal cord. The CNS is protected by bones and the meninges (the dura mater, arachnoid and … [Read More...]

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Acromioclavicular Joint Separation (AC Dislocation)

Anatomy/PathophysiologyA "shoulder separation" is a fairly common injury, especially in an athletic population. A shoulder separation is actually … [Read More...]

Postparto Cambios Físicos-Loquios

Su cuerpo pasa por muchos cambios físicos mientras vuelve a su estado anterior al embarazo. Uno de los cambios más notables es el retorno del útero … [Read More...]

Healthy Living

Healthy Living

Ahh, the stress-free life. We all want it. But it takes a little work and planning so our health doesn't add stress to our everyday living. Preventive … [Read More...]

101 Activities You Can Do When the TV is OFF!

Did you know that kids spend about 4-6 hours everyday sitting in front of a screen? Considering kids get home from school about 3 o'clock and go to … [Read More...]



A full mouth is a quiet mouth was my mom’s nutrition philosophy in a nutshell. To be fair, she didn’t have a big budget, the Internet, or Rachel Ray’s … [Read More...]

How to Set a Weight-loss Goal

Now that we know how to use metabolic rates to lose weight we can set a weight loss goal. Again, we will use my situation to set a weight loss goal. … [Read More...]