Anatomy, Surgery

LASIK Surgery Success Factors

LASIK – Success FactorsPatients have to meet certain criteria for the successful outcome of the LASIK procedure. The patients should know the … [Read More...]

Brain Anatomy and Function

[toc title="Table of Contents (+/-)" hint="Click to show or hide"]The central nervous system (CNS) includes the brain and the spinal cord. The CNS … [Read More...]

A to Z

Spinal Cord Injury: Function, Nerves, Surgery

Spinal Cord Anatomy Before you can understand a spinal cord injury, you should first learn about the anatomy—the structures and function—of the … [Read More...]

Lumpectomy: Risks and Complications

Just like any other surgery, lumpectomy is also not totally free of risks. Along with the minor risks like bleeding, damage of nearby tissues and … [Read More...]

Healthy Living

Healthy Living

Ahh, the stress-free life. We all want it. But it takes a little work and planning so our health doesn't add stress to our everyday living. Preventive … [Read More...]

101 Activities You Can Do When the TV is OFF!

Did you know that kids spend about 4-6 hours everyday sitting in front of a screen? Considering kids get home from school about 3 o'clock and go to … [Read More...]


How to Set a Weight-loss Goal

Now that we know how to use metabolic rates to lose weight we can set a weight loss goal. Again, we will use my situation to set a weight loss goal. … [Read More...]

Benefits of Breastfeeding Your Baby

All new mothers want to do what is best for their baby, especially feeding their baby food that will protect them from illness and help them thrive. … [Read More...]